Crossroads Systems, Inc.

Enabling offsite replication for disaster recovery applications

Crossroads embeds Aspera Sync to enable data transfers at full bandwidth capacity


Crossroads Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CRDS), a global provider of solutions and services that ensures stored data is proactively protected and reliably recovered, uses Aspera to enhance two of its solutions with data replication and wide area network (WAN) acceleration technology.

Crossroads has embedded the Aspera Sync multi-directional synchronization software within its Crossroads SPHiNX™ virtual tape solution as well as in its StrongBox™ network-attached tape solution.  This enhances the replication capabilities within Crossroads’ products, allowing them to consistently transfer data at full bandwidth capacity – up to hundreds of times faster than traditional data movement methods. Additionally, Crossroads’ customers benefit from the technology’s ability to intelligently recognize file moves and renames, instantaneously propagating them and avoiding what can be hours of unnecessary copy times.

 “By combining Crossroads solutions with Aspera’s technology, SPHiNX and StrongBox users will be able to transfer more files in the same amount of time,” said David Cerf, Crossroads Systems’ executive vice president of business and corporate development. “This is a significant cost benefit to the customer, as they’re not forced to purchase additional telecom or network bandwidth. With this capability to move data from one site to another with unparalleled performance at less cost, Crossroads differentiates itself from all other solutions and services in our space.”

The combined solutions deliver significant cost savings and speed improvements that address the ever-shrinking backup windows IT organizations are facing – effectively making offsite replication a reality for disaster/recovery applications. 

“Thanks to Aspera’s open architecture software development kit, we are proud to enable leading companies across multiple industries with superior data transfer capabilities,” said Michelle Munson, co-founder and president at Aspera. “The integration with Crossroads’ products goes one step further in building upon Aspera Sync, a software engine which delivers maximum speed replication and synchronization over WANs, for today’s largest file stores and processing pipelines.”


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