Moving legal documents faster to improve accuracy of public records

CourthouseDirect selects Aspera to speed up the transfer of large sets of digitized legal records between courthouses, customers and external vendors provides online access to national courthouse records, grantor/grantee indexes and real property records including deeds, mortgages, liens, oil & gas leases, abstracts of judgment, releases, bankruptcies, property taxes, etc. To maintain compliance, must update these records with any new activities, documents and information. Attorneys, escrow officers, title companies and other customers rely on the information’s accuracy, so timely updates are crucial to keep the records current and maintain CourthouseDirect’s high quality of service. 

When new information is received from courthouses nationwide, the data must be extensively processed and reformatted prior to ingest into CourthouseDirect’s system. To speed up the turnaround time and ensure customers are receiving the most up to date records as quickly as possible, CourthouseDirect uses high-speed file transfers powered by Aspera to send large sets of digitized legal records to and from a third party processing vendors, saving a significant amount of time and cost. 

The solutions deployed by Aspera substantially decreased the time it takes to turnaround data and update information. Previously, CourthouseDirect waited until it had received enough data to load and ship on a hard drive. With Aspera, there is no need to waste time waiting for data to slowly trickle in; the team can immediately send data to the vendor for processing as they receive it. 


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