Speeding delivery of Digital Cinema Packages for theatre release using hybrid cloud model

CinePostproduction Speeds SHARC Digital Cinema Distribution with Aspera High-speed Transfer via Hybrid Cloud


CinePostproduction is a leading post-production facility in Germany and developer of the SHARC system for distribution of Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) via its in-house content delivery network. 

CinePostproduction created the SHARC distribution system with the goal of simplifying the handling of video trailers and DCPs. SHARC offers both traditional hard drive delivery services and now e-delivery using the DCP-portal and download client. 

Through a partnership with Aspera, CinePostproduction integrated Aspera on Demand into their new SHARC system to speed the ingest of DCPs from studios and the delivery of DCPs directly to cinemas, ensuring feature films are delivered on time and with full security and precise control over bandwidth allocation.  

CinePostproduction’s SHARC replaces traditional slow, unreliable and expensive delivery methods with a state of the art hybrid cloud distribution platform comprising a secure online Web portal for ingest and Aspera FASP® high-speed transfer running in the cloud for fast and secure delivery directly to the cinemas. Running the platform in the cloud means storage and transfer capacity can scale up and out to meet variable customer demands without impacting CinePostproduction’s on-premises infrastructure used for post-production and archiving. 

By providing cinemas with the option to receive video files over the internet via the in-house SHARC DCP portal and download client, rather than limiting the service to traditional hard drive delivery methods, CinePostproduction has established a more robust, secure, and reliable method for on-time delivery directly to the cinemas. 


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