Cinema Cloud

High-speed Digital Cinema Content Distribution with Aspera On Demand

Transferring multi-gigabyte digital cinema files between globally dispersed suppliers, distributors and customers


Based in Melbourne, Australia, Cinema Cloud provides cloud-based digital cinema distribution services that help cinemas receive content faster and more reliably than physical media shipments or inefficient traditional transfer technologies. Running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cinema Cloud receives numerous video files daily from a network of global partners and distributes them to its cinema customers across the APAC region.

Traditionally, physical media shipping methods were the only option available to distribute cinema content in APAC. This created a costly logistical challenge that required replication of content and maintenance of up to 50 pelican cases with hard drives out in the field, rotating on a regular basis. In addition to shipping delays across the vast territory, shipping damages and wear-and- tear on the drives often forced costly one-off replacements.

To help better serve its customers, the Cinema Cloud service was developed as a cloud-based web application that enables high-speed, secure media file distribution over the wide area network (WAN).

Having experienced the benefits of FASP transport technology by using Aspera client software to receive content from partners in the US and the UK, Cinema Cloud successfully tested and then deployed Aspera Shares On Demand to power the service. The combined use of cloud infrastructure and Aspera technology allows Cinema Cloud to achieve scale out of transfer capacity on demand, while maintaining complete security of the content end-to-end.


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"Choosing Aspera as the transport foundation for our service makes cloud-based video hosting and distribution technologically feasible and cost effective."Tony Laughton, CEO