Cinedigm powers global distribution service with Aspera

The largest worldwide aggregator of independent digital content has deployed solutions from Aspera to achieve high-speed deliveries to its distribution partners.


Cinedigm is a full service digital entertainment distribution company and the largest worldwide aggregator of independent digital content. Cinedigm delivers award-winning content for a variety of distribution platforms, including digital, cable video on-demand, Blu-ray, DVD, and theatrical release, and reaches a global audience through it's partnerships with Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, Amazon, and many others. 

Cinedigm relies on Aspera's patented fasp™ technology for digital content deliveries to all of its partner distribution platforms, as well as to pull in content from independent film producers and studios. 

As Cinedigm's business continues to grow, the company is faced with the dilemma of how to retrieve more content from production companies and disseminate more content, and faster, to their distribution partners located across the country and even internationally. Presented with full-length HD films, often uncompressed or in ProRes or other high-res versions, Cinedigm needed a transfer solution that could accommodate very large file sizes while maintaining speed, efficiency and security. 

Shipping media content on hard drives back and forth across the country and internationally was too costly and time-consuming, while ftp presented challenges with speed, bandwidth consumption and reliability. Cinedigm sought a faster, more dependable solution to shorten the end-to-end delivery workflow.

Aspera provides a seamless user experience while offering comprehensive monitoring and control for Cinedigm administrators, who can set transfer priorities and define bandwidth allocation, monitor all incoming and outgoing transfers in real time, and provide access to unlimited users with defined access rights and transfer settings for each. 

"It's an easy and elegant solution," said Ben Rothman, Senior Manager, Digital Distribution at Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp. "We can deliver content faster and more efficiently using Aspera. It would be hard to manage without it."


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“Aspera is the most trusted partner for companies we deliver content to."Ben Rothman, Senior Manager, Digital Distribution