Burrows CGI

Real-time data synchronization

Burrows CGI deploys Aspera’s high-speed synchronization software to collaborate on projects across the globe


Burrows CGI, the leading automotive visualization studio, has deployed Aspera’s high-speed synchronization software to effectively collaborate on projects between London and the US 100 times faster than by using traditional sync and replication technologies. Aspera Sync offers Burrows a scalable data synchronization solution connecting numerous disparate systems streamlining operations in support of their global workflows.

In recent years, Burrows CGI made strategic improvements to globalize its infrastructure. The company provided shared resources between its offices with the aim of creating a global 24/7 CG pipeline for the streamlined completion of up to 40 projects at any one time. However, with large datasets to move between 180 staff, limited bandwidth, and high latency, this proved a difficult task to fully implement.

Burrows recognized the need for a high-performance, scalable and cost-effective file-synchronization and replication solution that supported different backend file systems, differing network topologies and security protocols, and selected Aspera Sync after evaluating alternative technologies. 

Burrows also chose Aspera Console to provide a visual insight into the data transfers. It provides a centralized view of all Aspera Sync transfers whether they were automated or manually executed by users and as a mechanism to generate reports to be analyzed at a later date.


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“Aspera has been critical in allowing us to utilize our studios and workflow. It allows us to choose where best to place incoming work, eliminate potential workflow bottlenecks and to shift time-consuming render farm processing around our offices while maintaining data integrity.” Mike Owen, Head of Systems