Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)

Enabling distribution of sports content to media outlets at high speed

Shortening end-to-end workflows with Aspera software


The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) is one of the premiere conferences in collegiate athletics, producing video content for media outlets, distributing press conference coverage, highlights, and special event footage to local television stations, networks, and online content providers.

Previously, the ACC had to wait several days for content to arrive on tape via FedEx, and by the time it was cut and put up on the satellite feed, the content was already old news – and that didn’t fly in today’s fast-paced world. The conference needed to have content ready for broadcasters on the same day as it was collected and within hours of the event, so that the nearly 200 media outlets that subscribe to ACC’s distribution service could incorporate the content into their programming in time for the evening news.

The ACC deployed software solutions from Aspera to meet their increasingly time-sensitive deadlines. First selecting Aspera Connect Server to speed up the end-to-end process from content ingest to distribution, the ACC later made the switch to faspex™ at the beginning of 2013 to take advantage of automated email notifications as well as data analytics that capture the details of user content consumption.

Using Aspera’s SDK to customize the platform with ACC branding, the conference built the strong and robust portal, known as the ACC Video Clip Service (AVCS), with the intention to provide a simple and easy experience for the media members accessing it.

With high-speed transfers from Aspera, the ACC has shortened their end-to-end workflow while benefitting from other helpful faspex features, including detailed reporting and email-based collaboration and notifications.


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"With Aspera, we don’t have to wait on a third party to move our content around. We’re now in control of our own destiny."Scott McBurney, Assistant Commissioner for Advanced Media