Aspire Academy

Enhancing Data Movement for Aspire Academy

Aspire Academy selects Aspera to transfer sports video content around the world


Aspire Academy is a government-funded sports academy in Qatar that first opened its doors in 2004. It is considered to be one of the leading sports institutions in the Middle East and aims to find and develop the best young male Qatari athletes and provide training and education to students with sporting potential. The Academy offers an integrated educational program of sports development, sports science and academic learning to boys aged 12 to 18. The school develops well-educated sports champions and aims to become the world's leading sports academy for young athletes by 2020. It is also preparing the national team for the World Cup in 2022 to be held in Qatar. The Academy has invested in professional football clubs in Belgium and Spain, as well as in collaboration with several elite clubs and football associations around the world.

With the goal to detect, select and monitor high-performance talent, all football matches of the national teams of Qatar, as well as their teams in Belgium and Spain, are recorded and subsequently shared with various stakeholders on a weekly basis for the purpose of analyzing the players.

Aspire Academy now uses Aspera's high-speed file transfer technology to move large video files from stadiums worldwide to the company's headquarters in Doha, Qatar, saving time and avoiding expensive and unreliable physical shipments. 

High-speed Aspera transfers effectively replace slow and impractical FTP file transfers. Videos ranging from 2 - 20 GB in size can now be received and shared with partners within 2 hours after a football game instead of several days. 


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