High-speed transfers enable on-demand eDiscovery applications

Aspera-powered data transfers for Aquipt’s MatterPoint legal applications SaaS platform


Today’s litigation teams and legal firms rely on eDiscovery applications for the collection, processing, and management of legal ESI. However, maintaining and operating the required infrastructure is becoming exceedingly expensive.

Aquipt, a technology services provider for law firms and litigation support teams, provides a hosted Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform, MatterPoint, to solve the challenges of eDiscovery management. MatterPoint eliminates the need for clients to purchase and maintain expensive infrastructure and instead provides them with a pay-as-you-go solution that is suited to the highly transactional nature of eDiscovery.

Aquipt was looking for a high-speed file transfer solution that would allow their clients to securely and quickly move data from any location to Aquipt’s MatterPoint platform. Previous transfer technologies that Aquipt had used, such as FTP, delivered slow and unpredictable performance characteristic of TCP-based transport, offering little reliability. Poorly designed user interfaces lacked many essential features and posed a challenge to non-technical staff.

After reviewing their options, Aquipt selected Aspera, deploying Aspera Connect Server at their MatterPoint data center and adopting the Aspera Console application for real-time monitoring, notifications, logging and reporting.

Aspera provides ease of use for Aquipt’s customers with a web-based interface with self-installing Aspera Connect browser plug-in that allows users to transfer data from anywhere without requiring complicated software installations. Aspera also makes life easy for Aquipt’s administrators who were able to quickly and seamlessly shift file transfer operations to Aspera. “It’s not a big, complex, drawn-out project to get Aspera up and running,” said Richard Wein, Aquipt’s CEO.

Regardless of location or network conditions, Aspera achieves maximum transfer speeds. "Aspera maintains full bandwidth utilization for the life of the transmission rather than jumping between peaks and valleys like FTP,” said Wein. “We can now transfer 20 gigabytes per hour from west coast to east coast using our dedicated 45 Mbps pipe."


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"Aspera fully utilizes the available bandwidth, achieving transfer speeds that FTP can't match." Richard Wein, CEO