Enabling design and research collaboration with high-speed data transfers

Aquafin integrated Aspera Faspex™ with the Alfresco content services platform to reliably and securely exchange hundreds of files each day


Aquafin, based in Belgium, is responsible for the design and expansion of wastewater treatment plans, and the sanitation of household wastewater from municipal sewers through the Flemish region. Every day, two billion liters of sewage water are treated before being released into streams and rivers that are vital to protecting the environment as well as fish, birds, and amphibians. 

Each day, individuals and teams need to share and exchange AutoCAD simulations, various studies and inspection MP4 videos between employees at headquarters, remote sites, and as many as 100 external engineering firms. Using Aquafin’s legacy file transfer solution, teams struggled to access and download large files, which often required shipping DVDs. This not only increased the risk of unforeseen delays from lost, stolen or damaged shipments, but it also decreased productivity and created unnecessary security risks. In addition, Aquafin IT had to dedicate several hours each week to administrative activities.

In order to streamline administration while ensuring secure and reliable file sharing, Aquafin needed a scalable and easy to use solution that would minimize or eliminate file transfer delays, reduce administrative burdens and easily integrate with its Alfresco content services platform.

Aspera Faspex tightly integrated with Alfresco using the Aspera SDK to provide data transfers at maximum speed. With Aspera, Aquafin can minimize the platform administration burden while enabling all employees and partners to exchange files securely and reliably, regardless of size, transfer distance and network conditions.


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