High-speed transfer of local and international African and African American content to and from IBM Cloud

Afrostream Boosts Video on Demand Service With High-Speed Transfers From Aspera on IBM Cloud


Afrostream is a subscription-based Video on Demand (VOD) platform that provides millions of fans with local and international African and African American movies and TV series. With offices in the US and France, Afrostream hosts an extensive content library that is currently available to viewers in France, Belgium, Switzerland and the Sub-Saharan regions of Senegal and Ivory Coast; additionally, the company has secured rights for many other African countries to bolster its growth in the African VOD space. 

Afrostream uses Aspera Server on Demand to speed content delivery to its VOD platform. The solution unlocks the benefits of the IBM SoftLayer cloud platform, streamlining Afrostream's data-intensive workflow beginning with media uploads from studios and content providers through final distribution of African movies and TV shows for streaming by fans across the world.

Today's consumers expect access to new content on a daily basis. By implementing Aspera Server on Demand, Afrostream has increased the volume of aggregated content to 1,000 hours per month. The solution has reduced content turnaround times from three days to less than 12 hours, so the latest TV shows and movies can be made available more quickly and reliably on the Afrostream platform for viewers to consume from their preferred devices.


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