Companies are facing an explosion in file and data set sizes and volumes and are turning to high value scale out data processing and storage in the Cloud to support this massive growth. Aspera provides several solutions specifically designed to move big data to, from and across cloud infrastructure fast, securely and predictably. Built on our patented and award winning FASP® transfer technology, these solutions support high-speed data movement enabling efficient, large-scale workflows with enterprise-grade security and data integrity.


Our Aspera on Cloud SaaS offering is a multi-tenant hosted solution that quickly, reliably, and securely moves large files and data sets across a hybrid-cloud environment. The service allows users to transfer, exchange, and deliver data from any location to anywhere with anyone. The application is always on and available from anywhere. The software and infrastructure is managed by Aspera, allowing companies to focus on running their business. Licensing is subscription based and includes the cost of the software and the hardware. We update our SaaS software on a continuous basis so you always have access to the latest and greatest features, and never have to worry about upgrades.

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Our software packaged as cloud-ready images is available as Aspera On Demand (AOD) and allows you to deploy any of our core transfer, distribution, exchange and sync software on the Cloud platform of your choice, with a flexible usage-based licensing model. AOD is available as virtual machine images that you can spin up, or as software binaries that you can install on bare metal servers. AOD is available on all leading cloud platforms including IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.


Direct to Cloud Technology

Built into every one of our SaaS and PaaS offerings is the unique Aspera Direct-to-Cloud technology which integrates the FASP high-speed transport with the underlying multi-part HTTP interfaces of the cloud object storage layer to enable the fastest file uploads and downloads while adding key transfer management features such as pause, resume, reporting and encryption over the wire and at rest.


Using Aspera Transfer Cluster Manager with Autoscale technology, the software self-scales transfer capacity for virtually unlimited transfer capacity (100 Gbps) per storage region. This includes automatic start/stop of transfer server instances, automatic balancing of client requests across available instances, monitoring and restart of all critical services on the server instances, and configurable service levels to manage maximum transfer load per instance, available idle instances for "burst" and automatic decommissioning of unused instances. The technology is infrastructure independent and works on all major clouds.