Upgrades allow Weta to meet growing business demand and innovative advances in manufacturing processes

Leading Supply Chain and Manufacturing Company Deploys Aspera High-speed Transfer on

the IBM Cloud to Streamline Collaboration Between Geographically Dispersed Teams and Partners

New product line based on Aspera FASP bulk data transport protocol has the potential to revolutionize the way that live and near-live video is transported

Aspera Shares, Faspex and Orchestrator move and share content between production facilities and the cloud

Media Technology Leader Avid Integrates Aspera FASP Technology into Avid Interplay | MAM to enable high-speed access to digital assets anytime, everywhere

The addition of Aspera Drive and new Mobile Apps along with many new capabilities fuel adoption of the new large file sharing service in the Cloud

Aspera FASP® 3.6 offers breakthroughs in performance, multi-tenancy and hybrid cloud/on premise transfer capabilities for media storage, management, processing, workflow, and distribution solutions

Web media platform will incorporate Aspera FASP high-speed file transfer for end-to-end integrated media marketing, transcoding and distribution

Leading Provider of Software Solutions for the Digital Media Industry Integrates Aspera FASPStream into Interra Baton, a Leading QC Solution

Provider of High Performance Genome Analytics Platform Deploys Aspera On IBM Cloud to Exchange Data With Hospitals, Diagnostic Test Providers, Research Centers and Other Clients