Windows Azure Media Services with High-speed Content Ingest from Aspera

Windows Azure Media Services, which lets enterprises avoid building out their own infrastructure for managing and distributing media, is now live in production and is ready to be used for all media-related projects. The release includes Windows Azure Media Encoding, Encoding Reserved Unit, and On-Demand Streaming Reserved Units, all generally available.

Windows Azure’s ready-to-use Media Services allow customers to easily create complex media workflows built on the Microsoft Media Platform and third-party technologies, and run them in the cloud for maximum flexibility, scalability and reliability. With integrated high-speed data transfer capabilities based on patented faspTM technology, Aspera On Demand for Windows Azure provides content providers and media partners with nearly unlimited scale-out transfer and storage capacity, allowing them to cost-effectively process and store huge volumes of digital media and make it available in the format that customers want, when they want it.

Media Platform as a Service

The Windows Azure cloud-based media creation and delivery Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) simplifies the creation and delivery of extremely scalable, end-to-end media solutions for streaming on-demand video to any device. The platform offers a suite of services such as encoding, on demand streaming and packaging, and supports HTML5, Flash, Silverlight, Windows 8, iPad, iPhone, Android, Xbox, Windows Phone and others, using a wide variety of streaming formats. Developers can choose from pre-built Microsoft and 3rd party components to create end-to-end file-based workflows leveraging the cloud, or custom build workflows using REST APIs or .NET and Java SDKs.

High-speed Content Ingest from Aspera

As with any other cloud platform, the biggest challenge is getting the content transferred to the object-based cloud storage where it can be accessed by the media services. Aspera On Demand for Windows Azure is shipping and available today in the Windows Azure Store to upload assets into Media Services. Aspera On Demand offers scale-out high-speed transfer, on demand, as part of a usage-based subscription model.  The combination of Windows Azure Media Services and Aspera On Demand allows you to quickly and easily create a high-performance, end-to-end video workflow, paying only for what you use, and scaling up as your demand grows. 

For Developers

Both platforms include a full set of REST APIs,.NET or Java SDKs to control all aspects of the workflow including high-speed transfer initiation, monitoring and control, encoding configuration and initiation, packaging and delivery. In addition, Windows Azure Media Services includes a broad set of client SDKs and player frameworks, which let you build completely custom video clients that integrate in your applications, while Aspera offers an embedded client and mobile SDK for incorporating high-speed fasp transfers into the end-user desktop and mobile clients.

Visit Windows Azure Media Services page and Aspera On Demand to learn more.