Aspera's suite of client applications for the desktop, email and browser offer a lightweight, OS native experience on all major browsers and desktop OSs to enjoy Aspera high speed secure transfer capability. Aspera has released major new capabilities across these apps.

Desktop Client and Point-to-Point version 3.6

Aspera's rich Desktop client and peer software include all of the advancements of the FASP 3.6 Core and brings the following additional great new features:

  • Support for Aspera Files (v 3.6.1) - All major functions including interactive file and folder browsing, upload/download, and hot folder functionality are supported with authentication to Aspera Files.
  • Native Key Store for Passwords (v 3.6.2) - Now uses the desktop OS's native secret key store to store passwords for remote connections, instead of a local persistent store.
  • Point-to-Point ships with the new Watchfolder as an option for command line use for automated watchfolder workflows demanding great scalability, remote management growing file support.
  • Full compatibility with the new ascp4 binary, Aspera's new ultra-fast transfer binary with multi-I/O, as an add-on.


Aspera Drive delivers an in-desktop experience for remote transfer, sync and package exchange from Windows explorer and the OS X desktop. The new 2.0 version offers major advances supporting Aspera Files in addition to Faspex and Shares, and the latest Version 1.3 has complete support for the latest sharing and exchange features of Faspex and Shares. 

Drive 2.0 for Windows and Mac is a major new version fully integrated with Aspera Files, as well as supporting Faspex and Shares, and allows users to :

  • Remotely Browse/Rename/Delete remote Shared Folders and Received Packages contents within Files Workspaces.
  • Transfer files and directories, directly to/from Files nodes from within the desktop with drag-and drop.
  • Tight integration with Windows Explorer and OS X Finder allows users to create and send packages directly from the Files desktop with email contact suggestion.
  • Preview the contents of Remote Folders and Packages including thumbnail and video previews.
  • Double-click to automatically download and open the file in its native application.
  • Automatically sync shared folders with Files and automatically subscribe and download new packages from Files for scalable client distribution.
  • For Faspex, remotely view package details and select and download individual Faspex packages, automatically check and download all new packages, and send packages directly from the desktop
  • For Shares, browse, rename, delete, transfer, and sync files within authorized Shares
  • For Sharepoint browse/rename/delete and transfer files from the Microsoft Sharepoint document libraries and check-in/check-out assets
  • Plus all of the core security and authentication enhancements of Drive 1.3.5.

Drive 1.3.5 supports the  latest features of Faspex and Shares:

  • SAML authentication in addition to AD/LDAP and local user authentication.
  • Fully support for HTTP proxies including with SAML authentication.
  • Integrated 3.6 core software with multiple server side synchronization enhancements that significantly increase the capable number of concurrent Drive sync sessions (up now to 300-500 per Aspera server host).
  • Expanded security using the native Windows crypto API and keychain support on OS X for storing user credentials.
  • Improved reporting to Aspera Console including Drive user account available in session tags and sync sessions fully reported to Console (with ES 3.6.1 or higher). Search transfer history or create custom reporting fields by Driver user.
  • Expanded automatic configuration for enterprise deployment with all Aspera Sync options exposed through the Drive configuration file.


The latest version of Aspera Connect, Aspera's universal browser client, has a new (pluginless) architecture using the latest native APIs provided by Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and MS Edge and Explorer browsers.

  • Provides high speed secure file and folder transfer with in browser transfer progress reporting and management, and resumable sessions across browser re-starts.
  • Supports all major browser versions on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux including the latest versions that have deprecated browser plugins and NPAPI.
  • Has a comprehensive Javascript API for full-featured embedding in any 3rd party application. Upload/download any number of source items (files or directories) with option for unique naming per item. Register for transfer session progress callbacks in the browser and pause/resume/change bandwidth of running transfers. Integrate with any 3rd party Application's Single Sign-on with the node API.
    • Latest 3.6.5 Javascript API features include:
      Drag-and-drop of files and folders for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge in addition to interactive browse to select files and folders to transfer.
    • Fully customizable graphics and banner placement in installation.
    • Connect installer and SDK are separated for easier local hosting in addition to Aspera hosted distribution.
    • Supports server side encryption at rest in addition to client-side for both FASP and HTTP fallback sessions.

Aspera is also currently previewing a new webRTC stack that extends the next-generation Aspera Connect core for streaming video.

Aspera Cargo 1.6

Aspera Cargo makes possible automatic download of files, directories and packages from Aspera Faspex servers at global distances with fast, reliable performance and complete security.

An ideal solution for robust distribution of large files and assets to many endpoints, Cargo works with the new Aspera Virtual Catcher allowing for service providers, telco's, retailers, and film studios to replace expensive satellite 'pitch' with low cost, high performance Aspera file delivery.

Applications include:

  • Update software, advertising content and video signage in thousands of retail stores.
  • Distribute VoD packages to hundreds of head ends.
  • Distribute press kits with video and rich imagery/artwork to global partners and news outlets.
  • Distribute Digital Cinema Masters (DCPs) to theater chains.

The latest 1.6 version now runs as a daemon on OS X and as a Windows system service, in addition to user driven application.

Aspera Outlook Plug-in 1.4

The Aspera Outlook Plug-in providing high-speed, secure transfer of large files and directories from within Outlook via Aspera faspex. The latest release now supports SAML single sign on for users sending large files and directories within Outlook and supports Outlook 2016.