New Aspera WatchFolder Service

The new breakthrough Aspera WatchFolder service is designed to power next generation, large scale, automated file and directory transfers including ultra large directories with 10 million items+ and "growing file" sources. Collections of files and folders can now be grouped into a single “drop” and transferred to remote nodes as a single logical unit. Operators can specify the cool-off period before initiating the transfer and any local or remote post-transfer processing steps to be executed once the entire set of files in the drop has been transferred, and enable the transfer of "growing" (in progress) files.  A new RESTful API enables complete programmatic control for customized and automated transfer processing. The new WatchFolder service is available for Windows and Linux in the core server products in version 3.6.1 and manageable through Console 3.0.


  • New cross-platform directory watchfolder service for Linux, Windows.
  • Built on asperawatchd, a new file system notification service designed for speed, scale and distributed change watching.
  • Supports advanced workflow capabilities including:
    • Transfers of growing ("in progress") files with full integrity. Number of growing items to send in parallel is configurable.
    • Packaging capability allows operators and workflows to automatically recognize "drops" of groups of files and directories, and hold transfer until a group of named files and directories are available and allows for controlling the order in which files are sent, such as a "go last" file.
    • Advanced regular expression filters allow for filtering source file and directory pathnames.
  • API allows for observing drop events for convenient reporting and notification on user intention, summary of status (files and bytes transferred) and configuration of new watchfolders.
  • Configurable and manageable from Aspera Console 3.0.