Files is Aspera's new on-demand SaaS offering for global content sharing. Files enables fast, easy, and secure exchange of files and folders of any size between end users, even across separate organizations.

Using Files, organizations can store and readily access files and folders in multiple cloud-based and on-premises storage systems. Sharing among users is as easy as browsing or dragging-and-dropping -- regardless of where the files are located -- freeing collaboration from traditional boundaries among colleagues in both local and remote locations.

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Files uses Aspera's FASP® protocol, which overcomes the limitations of other file-transfer technologies. By moving large data sets at maximum speed, reliably and securely -- regardless of network conditions, physical distance between sites, and file size, type, or number -- Aspera technology enables a new world of collaboration, sharing, and content delivery.

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Files is Easy to Use and Instantly Available, and unlike existing file sharing services allows users to Move the Biggest Data Sets Fast, transfer from and between all Clouds and On Premises Storage, and has Powerful Security and Access Control.

Files has a rich set of capabilities for sharing, transferring and managing large content directly from its storage location across private branded Workspaces from within the browser. 

Aspera Files is now available with flexible Pay-as-you-Go options in addition to pre-committed volume annual plans, and can now be purchased directly through the Aspera Store! The new Aspera Usage Portal displays all transfer usage for your Files and Aspera On Demand plans.

Latest new Aspera Files features include:

New Collaboration Features

  • One-click Authenticated Links to Folders for Upload/Download.

    • Files users can create authenticated links to any folder, and grant specific individuals access to only this folder to upload or download. When invitees log in they are taken directly to this shared folder where they can upload or download files and folders according to their permission. Link access can be extended or revoked in one easy step.

  • One-click Authenticated Dropbox Submission Invitations

    • Expanding on the popular Dropbox public invitation feature, Files users can now invite specific individuals to submit files, folders, and metadata to branded Dropboxes with configurable expiration dates via authenticated links. Invitees authenticate to Files and are taken to a branded Dropbox page to upload metadata and files. Link expiration can be changed at any time to extend or revoke access.

      Dropbox Invitation

    • New Email notification options notify senders on package delivery status.

  • Fine-Grained Workspace Collaboration and Privacy Settings, including options to:

    • Restrict whether users can Send Packages to External Users, Share Folders with External Users, Invite External Users to Submit to Dropboxes.

    • Restrict whether users can share folders via public (unauthenticated, expirable) links, or invite package contributions via public links.

    • Keep contacts private across workspaces.

    • Allow workspace managers (in addition to admins) to add users to a Workspace.

    • Restrict whether users can invite external users to join a Workspace.

Collaboration Settings

  • Workspace administrators can share any directory or cloud bucket with individual users or groups in addition to the entire workspace and set their permissions to view and download, or upload and overwrite.

Add a Shared Folder

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New Package Management Features

  • New ‘All Packages’ consolidated personal and dropboxes packages view, displaying all packages to which a user, either via a Dropbox or received personally, filterable by recipient.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 12.14.48 AM.png

  • New user option to delete the content of a Sent Package.

  • New automatic deletion policies can automatically delete package contents after all recipients have downloaded or after a configurable number of days.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 9.36.12 PM.png   

New Media Preview Reel

  • Files now supports navigating through media content in a directory or multiple directories from within the full preview mode with playable video previews and image thumbnails.

  • Navigate using either the system arrow keys, or using app arrow keys on the main preview panel or carousel, or scroll through the carousel and select an item to preview and download or delete in line.

  • View file level details in addition to full video previews or thumbnails per item.

  • Preview generation package available for 3rd party cloud and on premises nodes.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 1.17.53 AM.png

New User Management and Authentication Features

  • Workspace managers can now invite external users Workspace managers.

  • SAML Authentication support in addition to OAUTH-2.

    • All active authentication options (local, 3rd party OAUTH, and SAML) appear on the login page with configurable login instructions.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 2.54.35 PM.png

    • Automatically add SAML users to a default workspace on login.

SAML Configuration

    • Option to add SAML groups and restrict only SAML users who are a member of these known groups to login to Files, as opposed to all SAML users authenticated by the idP.


  • New Admin option to filter and display only external (“Limited”) users in the user and groups view.

New Desktop and Mobile Client Support

  • Support for the Aspera Desktop GUI Client, Watch folder and Client APIs - Users can now access Files and transfer directly from the Aspera Desktop GUI and its automation capabilities.

    • With the New Aspera Drive 2.0, Files users can access all core Files features directly from Windows Explorer or their Mac desktop including Browsing of Shared Folders, File and Directory Upload, Package Browsing, Package Upload and Automatic Download, and Directory Sync.

    • Access Key and Secrets can be created for Shared Folders in Workspaces allowing desktop clients direct browsing and transfer capability directly into these directories.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 3.46.08 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.38.01 PM.png

  • New iOS and Android Mobile Apps support submission of videos, photos and files to Files Dropboxes from mobile devices via authenticated Dropboxes and public links.

Expanded Workspace Branding and Management

  • Email templates are now configurable by Workspace for unique look, feel, and content per Workspace.

  • New enhanced navigation provides per-Dropbox filtered views of packages and pinning of favorite Dropboxes and Workspaces.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 4.09.17 PM.png

Comprehensive Security Settings

  • Comprehensive options to enforce secure session and user credential management:

    • User password expiration policy.

    • Enforce strong password usage.

    • Prevent password reuse.

    • Password reset link expiration.

    • Failed login attempts threshold.

    • Force password reset.

    • Configurable session inactivity timeout.

    • Configurable access token and refresh token expiration.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.34.11 PM.png

Files APIs and Activity Reporting

  • Organization and Workspace Administrators can view all events on the platform (Login, Sharing, File, Folder and Package Transfer, and User Management) with a robust continuous Activity Feed searchable by User, Workspace and Event Type.

  • A new Developer Mode provides an easy one-click option to generate a scriptable Aspera command line to transfer an item or folder in Files.

  • The New Files API and interactive sample available on the Aspera Developer Network exposes all Files capabilities (Single Sign On, File and Folder Management, Transfer, User and Workspace Management, and Dropboxes) for 3rd party applications.

  • Organization-wide configuration to register Files API clients including the redirection URI for Files OAUTH.

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