Our next wave of disruptive high-speed data transfer, exchange and sync solutions are here. Learn more below about our latest offerings and technology previews that help companies of all sizes and from all industries securely move data at high-speed.

Streaming high-quality video

Building on our unrivaled file-based high-speed transfer solutions and technology, our latest live streaming technology includes a game-changing streaming integration with Telestream’s Lightspeed Live Capture solution for remote production and T-21 encoders powered by FASPStream for cost-effective streaming from the edge. With the potential to revolutionize the way live video is transported, FASPStream is a new transport protocol for broadcast quality streaming over commodity Internet WANs to replace expensive satellite delivery.

Expanded multi-cloud SaaS

The Aspera Platform offers a set of SaaS solutions specifically designed to move large files and data sets to, from and across cloud infrastructure quickly, securely and predictably. Migrating data of any type or size at top speed, the Aspera Transfer Service has expanded its footprint in the European market and now supports all leading cloud platforms. Aspera Files SaaS offers new storage options, administration capabilities, and features a new mobile app that enables users to quickly exchange large files and folders over WiFi and cellular networks from their mobile device.


Aspera's core transfer platform & application suite offer a versatile and fully-integrated suite of software and SaaS solutions that solve a wide range of problems in moving bulk data including file transfer, file synchronization and data streaming, between standard host computers over commodity Internet, between any cloud or on-premises storage, with no size limits.

The core platform continues to push the limits of performance, breaking barriers at 10Gbps speeds and mass data movement of over 100TB/day.


Aspera continues to aggressively pursue opportunities to integrates its market leading transport technology across third-party offerings that power new cutting-edge solutions for the digital media industry.

Adding to Aspera's 100+ company partnership ecosystem, additional integrated offerings are now available for deployment from dominant media and entertainment vendors. Leaders such as Telestream, T21, NexGuard, Ooyala and Ustream are just a few of the very latest joint solutions available.