At IBC2013 Aspera presented the latest versions of its high-speed transfer platform powering media technology worldwide with secure, high-speed content movement at global distances, and enabling the delivery of the highest resolution content with speed, robustness, security, and validation for faster and more efficient workflows than ever before.


We introduced Aspera Drive, a single unified platform for file-based collaboration, completely integrated into the desktop explorer and supporting high-speed transfer of any size file content for the ultimate secure file sharing experience. Aspera Drive fully integrates with the latest versions of faspex and Shares, supports both on-premise and cloud storage and enables interchange of media content with easy and powerful user management and access control.

We also demonstrated the Aspera plug-in for Avid Transfer Manager and Interplay Delivery enabling high performance transfers between remote Avid environments with seamless integration in the Avid editing tools.

A growing ecosystem of content storage, processing, and distribution partners rely on Aspera for high-speed transport. IBC2013 saw the introduction of Aspera ingest for Akamai NetStorage and direct integration of Aspera fasp by partners including AWS, Azure, and EVS,  transcoding leaders Telestream, Brightcove/Zencoder,, Elemental  and a demonstration of Aspera integration in Sony CI. 

Aspera fasp 3 technology future proofs your organization’s content delivery: fasp throughput, concurrency, and adaptive bandwidth control scales over any IP network - ranging from 3/4G wireless data connections to 10 Gbps/40 Gbps networks and beyond – and now enables line speed, secure and resumable transfer of large media files and large sets of files (4K frame reals, etc.) directly to all on-premise and emerging cloud based platforms, opening these new infrastructure platforms to the media enterprise.

Aspera also showcased its latest advances in its fasp high-performance transfer products now supporting fully integrated content validation, and new capabilities in synchronization, cloud auto-scaling, automation, and management. The latest versions of Aspera Enterprise Server and Connect ServerAspera Faspex and SharesAspera SyncConsole and Orchestrator and the fasp SDK were all demonstrated at the Aspera booth over the 5 day event.

> Read on to learn more about all the Aspera solutions being showcased at IBC2013.



fasp 3 delivers maximum throughput performance regardless of the format, number or size of the files that are being transferred, regardless of the network conditions of transfer, and scaling linearly in throughput with concurrent transfer load, supporting large populations on commodity hardware.

Whether you need to move very large sets of small files under 1 MB or a single multi-TB file, fasp 3 software yields maximum speed and optimally utilizes available network bandwidth on the wide diversity of clustered, object and media storage platforms available today. The transfer performance holds over all bandwidths – ranging from 3G/4G mobile wireless links up to the 10 Gbps / 40 Gbps ultra fast networks.

With an enhanced adaptive rate control option in fasp3, the Aspera products provide even better automatic adaptation to the available bandwidth, protecting other network traffic from impact, for any size connection, including the smallest mobile wireless links with high concurrency.


Whether you need to transfer, replicate or synchronize your data, Aspera solutions based on fasp 3 can be deployed in all types of scenarios: one-to-one, hub and spoke, unidirectional and multi-directional, and across desktop, mobile, browser and email platforms. The latest software versions demonstrated at IBC included:

  • Aspera Sync (1.4 and 1.5) high-speed synchronization application based on fasp 3 technology for continuous replication and one-time migration of large and ever growing media file repositories
  • Aspera Console 2.0 with expanded transfer automation capabilities and a new Console API.
  • Aspera Faspex with automated download by Aspera Cargo and Drive
  • The new Aspera Proxy for universal secure authentication, with reverse and forward proxy of Aspera sessions at line speed, through DMZs.


Leading media technology companies are bringing high-performance transport capabilities to their products, systems and services enabling complete end-to-end global processing pipelines by building upon Aspera’s secure high-speed transport platform

Aspera’s innovative fasp™ protocol provides superior file transfer capabilities for any storage platform, including the many new “cloud” (object storage) infrastructure.  Fasp is now powering content storage, processing and distribution solutions that take advantage of this infrastructure with robust, line speed transfer of large content (large files, large sets of files), on-the-wire and at-rest encryption, and transparent resume of failed transfers. 

The Aspera 3.0 software platform also creates a unique overlay for content security on top of the IaaS infrastructure, managing secure user authentication, content browsing, and access control across all major cloud and enterprise storage platforms.  The latest Aspera products support SAML user authentication, as well as Active Directory and LDAP, and the identity management of AWS IAM and Azure SaaS URLs for multi-tenant Azure Active Directory.  The latest Aspera SDK offers both low-level and high-level integration options for bringing this capability into 3rd party services.

Platforms integrating Aspera fasp include CDNs (Akamai, Level 3, Limelight); cloud storage (Amazon Web Services, Open Stack, Windows Azure); specialized media management systems (Sony Media Backbone, Harmonica Media Asset Server, Media Beacon, Vidispine); workflow and automation engines (Telestream Vantage); and production and transformation software (Avid, EVS, Elemental,, thePlatform, Sony CI, Windows Azure Media Services, Zencoder).


Today’s complex global workflows require a transfer and automation platform with the flexibility to perform media file format validation early and often to ensure standards conformance, eliminate waste, and reduce costs. Aspera will show new capability for media file format validation during any step in the transfer process – pre, post or during the transfer itself. Media companies can verify compliance of the media as part of the transfer session, including mediainfo validation of format type, frame rate, and audio capabilities, perform post-transfer virus checking, and have the flexibility to call external services for custom validation via an extensible validation API. The fasp transfer session can invoke external services to provide validation of the media before the transfer starts, while the transfer is in progress (processing the byte stream) and after transfer has taken place, with the resulting status reported back through the Aspera end user and management interfaces. Based on the results of the analysis, the workflow can be allowed to continue, or it can be halted before ingest or any other subsequent processing steps.

At IBC2013, Aspera demonstrated integrations with the following services:

  • Media info checks on the content to dynamically check the format pre-transfer and "authorize" the transfer start or verify the media after upload, validating attributes such as format type, frame rate, and audio aspects
  • Virus checking post transfer
  • Reporting of md5sum in the Console and manifest files
  • Integration with other proprietary media format validation tools such as Metaglue DPP validation and IRT’s MXF Analyzer
  • Configuration of validation profiles through Aspera Orchestrator 


With the release of faspex 3.5 and Shares 1.6, Aspera provides a comprehensive and powerful set of Web applications and client and mobile apps supporting fast and secure ad hoc file exchange for media and metadata — site-to-site, person-to-person, ingest, sharing, distribution, exchange, and collaboration. With the new remote publishing and receiving capabilities, file storage can be in the cloud or on-premise, with seamless and secure access, publishing, ingest and distribution of media file content regardless of location brokered through the Faspex and Shares interfaces. Virtually all device types are supported: server, desktop, mobile, email, and browser with easy to use, lightweight client applications including Aspera ConnectCargoOutlook Add-in and clients for iOS and Android. Integrated support for self-registration, public drop boxes, email invitations as well as massive user directories allow for managing ever-changing third party and enterprise user populations. Both faspex 3.5 and Shares 1.6 are fully compatible with and enable the new Aspera Drive.


Orchestrator 2.0, Aspera’s comprehensive file-based workflow automation platform includes a complete set of off-the-shelf plug-ins for media file format validation (DPP and AS11 standards), and leading media transformation tools to accelerate initial deployments and easily update, evolve, and migrate workflows as requirements and conditions change. New features introduced at IBC 2013 include improved queuing capabilities with the ability to set queued item priorities and get aggregate statistics about items queued, new plug-ins supporting AMQP (RabbitMQ), Cerify, Civolution, DigitalRapid transcode manager, Elemental,, Telestream Vantage, VidChecker QC, and Zencoder; an enhanced fasp session controller allowing to authorize and stop fasp transfers based on validation conditions; and a 3rd party application monitor which allows an external application to receive real time status of a 3rd party plugins execution.


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