Human Face of Big Data

Data visualizations help paint a picture of how Big Data affects and measures our lives.

These revealing new interactive data visualizations were created for The Human Face of Big Data project Mission Control. A team of designers and data scientists from EMC Cloud Services, EMC Greenplum, and Tableau Software analyzed one billion unique global tweets from Twitter, along with other data, to amplify themes and stories from the project.

Aspera helped enable this fascinating project with its high-speed transport technology. A data set of approximately 170 billion unique data elements was drawn from the billion tweets and loaded into an EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance cluster, then moved to Tableau’s analytics and visualization software using Aspera file transfer technology.

An EMC/Tableau data science team then created the visualizations using filters based on keywords and hashtags that match The Human Face of Big Data themes. EMC Consulting and professional services helped design and build out the Greenplum infrastructure and web hosting interfaces.

Explore the visualizations and see how Big Data analytics illuminates our world.

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