Multicast content delivery

Designed for data distribution to large numbers of receivers, fasp-MC™ is a patent-pending point-to-multipoint transport protocol for IP multicast networks, bringing the speed, scalability and bandwidth efficiency of Aspera fasp transfer technology to multicast distribution applications.

Use Cases

Digital Cinema

Distribute digital content to multiple cinemas simultaneously via WAN and avoid costly, slow and unreliable alternatives like FTP or physical media shipments.

Digital Signage

Simultaneously populate content to thousands of screens, located anywhere in the world and using any network.

Technology Highlights

Send files of any size, including very large files

Aspera’s fasp transport technology does not limit the sizes of individual files or the sizes of the data sets. Files and folders of any size can be sent from anywhere in the world, over any network.

Transfer concurrently to thousands of receivers

fasp-MC technology lets you send to thousands of receivers simultaneously, simplifying and accelerating business workflows, minimizing potential for errors with multiple transfers, and getting business-critical data to customers and partners faster.

Efficient use of network infrastructure

Make the most out of expensive, and often-underutilized network infrastructure such as satellite broadcast networks and multi-gigabit WANs.

Shortest end-to-end distribution time

  • Eliminates any pre- and post-transmission delays
  • Sender never waits and always sends data at target rate
  • Continuous on-the-fly repair of packet losses

Optimal efficiency

  • Unrivaled repair efficiency and network utilization regardless of network conditions (loss patterns, loss correlation, latency)
  • No retransmission of unneeded packets
  • Minimized feedback traffic


  • Large receiver sets
  • Support for very large files and file sets
  • Thousands of concurrent receivers