Global media companies now have the opportunity to move large data sets long distances over multi-gigabit WANs in lieu of digital shipping, but to realize the promise, transfer performance must scale with available bandwidth.

One such example is the transfer of digital cinema 2K or 4K feature films, where a film can contain 800,000 or more frames, each encoded as a 12 MB (2K) or 50 MB (4K) file.

Aspera provides an ultra simple, ultra fast, software only application called faspframes™, designed for 10 Gbps global transfers of such framesets using fasp™ as a network transport protocol and optimized storage I/O.

Use Cases

Digital cinema frameset transfers

Move and distribute digital cinema framesets around the world via WAN instead of time-consuming, error-prone, insecure and expensive shipments of hard drives. Take advantage of multi-gigabit WANs and move framesets at speeds that are over two times faster than purpose-built hardware appliances.

Product Highlights

High-speed frameset transfers

Purpose-built design that scales to 10 Gbps performance over Global WANs to fully utilize the available bandwidth.

Software-only design running on commodity hardware

Achieves break-through performance on commodity hardware without the need for expensive, proprietary, dedicated hardware appliances.

Open API and seamless integration

Easily integrates with any custom workflows and with all other Aspera transfer and management tools.

Native 2K/4K frame transport software

  • Transfer millions of frame files at high-speed via fasp-powered transfers and optimized disk drive I/O.

Extreme scalability to 10 Gbps and beyond

  • Purpose-built design that scales to the full 10 Gbps performance over Global WANs.
  • Delivers speeds over two times faster than the published advantage over specialized hardware appliances on WANs with modest latency and packet loss, and even greater advantage on intercontinental WANs with higher latency and packet loss.

Flexible software architecture

  • Network- and server-agnostic flexibility (Linux 32/64-bit application).
  • Open APIs make integrating with any workflow easy and extensible.
  • Software-only implementation without the need for dedicated, brute-force appliances.

Full set of Aspera fasp features

  • Comprehensive bandwidth management and congestion control.
  • Enterprise-grade security with end-point authentication, encryption and data validation.
  • Seamless integration with Aspera transfer and management tools.

Operating Systems Supported by the Latest Version


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Transfer Servers

Central in a typical Aspera deployment, the transfer servers combine fasp transport with comprehensive transfer and user management for enterprise data workflows. Running on premise or in cloud, they provide a highly scalable and secure transfer environment that supports files of any size, thousands of concurrent transfers, and an unlimited number of users.


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