Aspera Transfer Service FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Aspera Transfer Service (ATS)?

Aspera Transfer Service is a multi-tenant, high-speed data transfer service managed by Aspera. This service is available in public clouds and enables you to transfer directly to and from your Cloud Object Storage using the Aspera FASP protocol.

2) How does the Aspera Transfer Service work?

The Aspera Transfer Service works as follows: 

  1. Subscribe to the service here (NOTE: This will create an Aspera ID)
  2. Get your Object Storage access credentials and bucket/container name from your cloud storage admin
  3. Download and install the Aspera Client and license key from the ATS portal 
  4. Use Aspera Client and your Object Storage credentials to create an ATS access key (NOTE: You will be prompted for your Aspera ID).
  5. Use Aspera Client to transfer data to/from your Cloud Object Storage. NOTE: Instructions on how to use Files, Faspex, Shares or Command line transfers are included in the “Getting Started Guide”.
  6. For an overview, see this Getting Started video.

3) How fast can I transfer using ATS?

ATS is designed to enable you to transfer as fast as your infrastructure will allow. Infrastructure limitations on performance may include network connection, security devices (e.g. Firewalls), storage I/O read/write. ATS does not limit the speed by license.

4) Which Aspera applications will work with ATS?

ATS supports the following applications:

  • Aspera Client
  • Aspera Point to Point
  • Aspera Enterprise Server
  • Aspera Shares
  • Aspera Faspex
  • Aspera Files
  • Aspera Console

For details on how to use ATS with supported Aspera applications, please see these videos.

5) How can I create access keys?

ATS Access keys can be created using the Aspera Client (version 3.7.2 or higher). Please see this video for details.

6) Do I have to use the free client that comes with ATS, or can I use my purchased Aspera Client?

No you do not have to use the free Aspera Client to transfer with ATS. You can transfer with ATS using your purchased Aspera software.

7) In addition to Aspera Client, are any other client options enabled in ATS?

Aspera Command line, Browser Client and Application Programming Interface are enabled in ATS.

8) How is ATS licensed?

Aspera Transfer Service is licensed on data transfer volume. Transfer volume is measured both for upload and download. Additionally there is a pass through charge for all egress in excess of 10 TB. For example:

  • You upload 20 TB of data
  • Your partner downloads that same 20 TB of data using your service
  • You will be charged for 40 TB of transfer usage, and 10 TB of egress usage

NOTE: With the Pay-as-You-Go plan, you are only charged if you use the service. If you do not do any transfers in a given month, you are not charged.

The pricing for all SaaS products can be found on our pricing page:

9) What is included in the ATS license?

Aspera Transfer Service includes access to use ATS on any cloud platform and region where the service is offered and a free Aspera Client.

10) Is the service multi-tenant?


11) How does the service provide for transfer performance?

ATS is built on the Aspera Autoscale cluster management system, and is configured to automatically scale up and balance load between hosts.

12) What IPs are used for ATS hosts? I need to open up my firewall to support Aspera.

A list of IP addresses used in the service is published on the main page of the ATS portal.

13) Does ATS support cloud to cloud or region to region transfers?

Yes. A single ATS subscription can be used to transfer data between cloud providers and regions within a single cloud provider.

14) Can I use my ATS subscription to transfer data to/from a partner's Object Storage ?

Yes. As long as you have the partner's Object Storage credentials with sufficient permissions, you can use your ATS subscription to transfer into and out of that storage.

15. Can I use command line to transfer with ATS?  If so, how?

Yes. Please login to the ATS portal using your Aspera ID to see the ATS getting started documentation.

16) How is ATS billed?

You are billed via the same system through which you purchase the service. If you purchase ATS via direct purchase from IBM Aspera sales team, you will be billed directly from IBM Aspera. If you subscribe to ATS via AWS Marketplace, you will be billed from AWS Marketplace. Coming soon, you will be able to purchase ATS via Aspera Store. If you buy ATS online via Aspera Store, you will be billed from Aspera store.

17) What cloud platforms and regions does ATS currently support?

  • IBM Cloud Object Storage (7)
    • Swift: Dallas (dal), San Jose (sjc), Washington D.C. (wdc), Milan (mil), Frankfurt (fra), and Amsterdam (ams)
    • S3-CrossRegional: Dallas (dal-us-geo), San Jose (sjc-us-geo), Washington D.C. (wdc-us-geo), Milan (mil-us-geo), Frankfurt (fra-us-geo), and Amsterdam (ams-us-geo)
    • S3-Regional: Dallas (us-south), Washington D.C. (us-east), and London (eu-gb)
  • Amazon Web Services (7): Virginia (us-east-1), Oregon (us-west-2), Ireland (eu-west-1), Frankfurt (eu-central-1), Tokyo (ap-northeast-1), Singapore (ap-southeast-1), Sydney (ap-southeast-2)
  • Microsoft Azure (6): Iowa (centralus), Virginia (eastus), California (westus), Ireland (northeurope), Netherlands (westeurope), Singapore (southeastasia)
  • Google Cloud Services (beta): Iowa (US Central1)

“We have always been impressed with Aspera’s speed and reliability for intercontinental file transfers. Choosing Aspera as the transport foundation for our service makes cloud-based video hosting and distribution technologically feasible and cost effective.” Tony Laughton CEO of Cinema Cloud