Aspera Transfer Service FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Aspera Transfer Service (ATS)?

The Aspera Transfer Service is a high-speed data transport solution which combines Aspera’s transfer software with cloud infrastructure, enabling direct high-speed access to cloud object storage.

2) How does the Aspera Transfer Service work?

Aspera software dramatically accelerates the movement of data to and from the cloud at rates up to 100’s of times faster than standard TCP-based transfers and provides the same transfer speed to all regions, regardless of distance. Aspera Transfer Service is a software service running in the cloud that enables high-speed upload and download of large files and data sets directly into object storage. Using the patented Aspera FASP® high-speed transfer protocol, customers can quickly move data of any size over any distance at line speed. The unique Direct-to-Cloud capability integrates with the underlying cloud object storage APIs to enable the fastest file uploads and downloads while adding key transfer management features such as pause, resume, reporting and encryption over the wire and at rest.

3) What Aspera applications will work with ATS as the transfer layer?

ATS can act as a transfer server layer for all of the following Aspera applications:  Desktop Client, Point to Point Client, Enterprise Server, Shares, Faspex, and Files.  Aspera GUI client and server can be used to transfer with ATS, but is not able to create access keys (ATS access key management is being added in 3.7.3)

4) How can I manage my access keys?

The Aspera Client is used to create access keys that provides the authentication for these applications.

5) Can I use my existing Aspera client?  What other clients work?

Yes.  Existing Aspera software work with ATS for transfers.

6) Are any other client options enabled in ATS?

Aspera Command line, Aspera Cargo, Aspera Drive are all enabled.

7) How is ATS licensed?

Aspera Transfer Service is licensed on data transfer volume.

8) What is included in the ATS license?

Aspera Transfer service provides subscribers with the ability to transfer data to their object storage, in any region where the service is available.

9) How is ATS billed?

Customers are billed via the same system through which they purchased the service.   Customers who subscribe via direct purchase, will be billed directly from Aspera.  Customers who purchased via the Aspera Store will be billed via the Aspera store.  Customers  Customer who subscribe to ATS via the AWS Marketplace will be billed via the AWS Marketplace.

10) Is the service multi tenant?


11) How does the service provide for transfer performance?

ATS is built on the Aspera Autoscale Transfer Cluster Manager (ATCM) system, and is configured to automatically scale up and balance load between hosts.

12) What IPs are used for ATS hosts? Do I need to open up my firewall to support Aspera?

A list of IP addresses used in the service is published on the main page of the ATS portal.

13) Does ATS support cloud to cloud transfers?  If a partner has content in their own cloud storage do they need their own ATS host to transfer to our ATS host, or can they use a client to transfer between cloud storage systems using only our ATS host?

Yes, this is possible, but will require the use of Node API to initiate the transfers.

14. Can I use command line to transfer with ATS?  If so, how?

Yes.  Please see the ATS getting started documentation

“We have always been impressed with Aspera’s speed and reliability for intercontinental file transfers. Choosing Aspera as the transport foundation for our service makes cloud-based video hosting and distribution technologically feasible and cost effective.” Tony Laughton CEO of Cinema Cloud