Aspera On Demand FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Aspera On Demand?

The Aspera On Demand (AOD) offerings are Aspera client and server product bundles offered with a usage based license model.  The AOD offerings are designed to run on cloud infrastructure; where possible, we provide pre-built virtual machine images or transfer services. AOD also provides a Direct-to-Cloud storage capability, enabling you to move your data from your on premises facility directly to object storage. For full Saas solutions, please see Aspera Files or Aspera Transfer Service (ATS).

2) What are the primary use cases for Aspera On Demand?

AOD is used by organizations that need to move data (e.g. files) up to, down from, and between cloud compute and storage systems. These use cases include ingest, delivery, sharing and collaboration. Organizations are turning to AOD and cloud based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers because they no longer want to build, own, operate, or scale the infrastructure required to manage, deliver and store their data

3) What object storage systems does Aspera On Demand support?

AOD supports  object storage from the most popular IaaS providers such as Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.  AOD enables you to leverage FASP to move data at high-speeds directly to and from cloud-based object storage.  The Aspera On Demand transfer platform is able to read and write files to a virtual machine as well as directly into object storage systems, such as Amazon S3, Softlayer SWIFT, Google Cloud Storage and Microsoft Azure Blob storage at line-speed, thanks to the tight integration between the FASP software and the underlying object storage APIs.

4) How is Aspera On Demand licensed?

AOD is offered with a usage based license model.   The usage metric for AOD is volume of data transferred (e.g. gigabytes). AOD subscriptions can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis. The AOD license model is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of cloud deployments, so you can use the same entitlement on multiple servers and on multiple cloud platforms.  It is important to note that AOD systems are deployed on your IaaS platform. Hence you are responsible for provisioning, operating the virtual servers and storage as well as paying the cloud provider directly. If you are interested in a SaaS offering from Aspera, please visit our web site and review Apsera FIles or Aspera Transfer Service.

The following includes the unique features of the AOD license model

  1. The transfers speeds are not restricted up to the I/O limits of the platform

  2. The number of systems deployed is not restricted or limited

  3. A licensed desktop client comes with AOD

  4. Can deploy the entitlement in multiple regions, cloud providers or on-premises

5) Can different hosts in different regions use the same Aspera On Demand Entitlement?

Yes.  You can install the entitlement on as many hosts as you require.

6) Can I transfer files between different Aspera On Demand instances in different regions if they have the same entitlement?

Yes.  The Aspera On Demand license entitlement is slightly different than the standard Aspera License in this regard.  You are allowed to transfer files between different instances even if they use the same entitlement.

7) How much does Aspera On Demand cost?

The price for the Aspera On Demand will vary depending on the following three factors:

  1. Volume of gigabytes (GB) transferred on an average month,

  2. Number of months of pre-payment (term), and

  3. Add-on options for additional client transfer interfaces, such as support for mobile clients.

The price per GB is reduced as the volume and term commitment increase. Please provide an estimate of your average expected monthly volume to your Aspera account contact and request a quote.

8) Can we evaluate it?

Yes. AOD is available for evaluation. Please provide us your contact information and evaluation criteria here:

9) How do I purchase Aspera On Demand?

Our full set of Aspera on Demand offerings and add-ons are available directly from the Aspera Sales Team ( and, with less options, on various Cloud provider marketplaces (AWS, Azure).

Please note that our offering on Microsoft Azure is a transfer service.  Modest monthly subscriptions can be purchased via the Azure Marketplace. Larger annual subscriptions need to be purchased via the Aspera Sales team. You will need to contract with Amazon, Softlayer and Google for use of their cloud platform. For Microsoft Azure, you will need to contact Microsoft to set up your cloud storage account.

10) How do I install Aspera On Demand?

For Softlayer and Amazon Web Services, Aspera provides pre-built Linux Machine Images with Aspera server software pre-installed and configured for your large data set transfer needs. Additional information about the provisioning and configuration of Aspera On Demand is as follows:

If you have specific requirements and are not able to use the standard offerings, please contact your Aspera account representative.

11) Where is the documentation for my Aspera On Demand?

Aspera On Demand documentation can be accessed from within the respective web applications (e.g. Faspex, Shares or Console) or on our web site at

12) I would like to integrate Aspera Platform On Demand with my company’s Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. How do I access the Aspera Developer Network portal?

Aspera Platform On Demand (APOD) is a file transfer server that can be integrated into your own SaaS applications. We suggest that you purchase Aspera SDK together with the Aspera Application Platform On Demand offering. The Aspera SDK provides you with access to the Aspera Developer Network, support for your development project, as well as Developer licenses during the development project.

13) We are a cloud platform provider and would like to offer Aspera as part of our cloud platform. Is this possible?

Yes.  We are happy to review your requirements for Aspera in your cloud.  Please contact

“We have always been impressed with Aspera’s speed and reliability for intercontinental file transfers. Choosing Aspera as the transport foundation for our service makes cloud-based video hosting and distribution technologically feasible and cost effective.” Tony Laughton CEO of Cinema Cloud