Aspera On Demand FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Aspera On Demand?

Aspera On Demand is a product offering from Aspera that provides access to Aspera’s patented fasp™ high-speed transfer software and solutions, as part of an online usage-based subscription service. Unlike on-premise deployments where you, the customer, must provision the underlying infrastructure, Aspera On Demand runs on cloud-based infrastructure provided by a cloud computing provider. You gain the benefits of Aspera high-speed transfer without large upfront infrastructure costs to support it. This offering is available today on the Amazon Web Services and in beta on the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platforms. Support for other cloud platforms and types of services will be available in the future.

2) Why would someone want to use Aspera On Demand?

Aspera On Demand is used by organizations that need to move large files or sets of files and do not want to build, own, and operate their own datacenter. Another advantage is high-speed transfer to and from cloud-based object storage. The Aspera On Demand platform is able to read and write files to a virtual machine as well as directly into object store systems, such as Amazon S3 and Microsoft BLOB storage at line-speed, thanks to the tight integration between the fasp software and the underlying object store APIs. Finally, technology companies that already offer cloud-based applications and need to add high-speed file transfer, can integrate their applications with Aspera On Demand transfer servers via the rich APIs.

Use cases for Aspera On Demand include, but are not limited to, ingest of files into object storage, delivery of files from object storage and file-based collaboration between remote organizations. In addition to our existing transfer server and web applications, the Aspera Platform On Demand is a file transfer server that can be integrated into your own Software-as-a-Service applications.

3) How is Aspera On Demand licensed?

Aspera On Demand is licensed based on volume of data transferred over a defined period of time and is not restricted by bandwidth speeds. (Note: We do have an Amazon Marketplace offering which has a limited bandwidth speed. This license model is different than our on premise license model, which restricts users to max transfer speeds.)

4) Can different hosts in different regions use the same Aspera On Demand Entitlement?

Yes.  You can install the entitlement on as many hosts as you require.

5) Can transfer files between different Aspera On Demand instances in different regions if they have the same entitlement?

Yes.  The Aspera On Demand license entitlement is slightly different than the standard Aspera License in this regard.  You are allowed to transfer files between different instances even if they use the same entitlement.

6) How much does Aspera On Demand cost?

The price for the Aspera On Demand will vary depending on the following two factors:

  1. Volume of Giga Bytes (GB) transferred on an average month,
  2. Number of months of pre-payment (term), and
  3. Add-on options for additional client transfer interfaces, such as support for mobile clients.

The price per GB is reduced as the volume and term commitment increase. Please provide an estimate of your average expected monthly volume to your Aspera account contact and request a quotation.

7) Can we evaluate it?

Yes. This platform is available for evaluation. Please provide us your contact information and evaluation criteria here:

8) How do I purchase Aspera On Demand?

You can purchase Aspera On Demand by contacting the Aspera Sales Team directly ( Please note that our offering on Amazon Web Services is just for Aspera transfer servers. You will need to contract with Amazon for use of their cloud platform. For Microsoft Windows Azure, you will need to contact Microsoft to set up your cloud storage account.

9) How do I install Aspera On Demand?

For Amazon Web Services, Aspera provides pre-built Linux Machine Images with Aspera Server software pre-installed and configured for your large data set transfer needs. Additional information about the provisioning and configuration of Aspera On Demand can be found in this Aspera Knowledge base article:

For Microsoft Windows Azure, you simply sign up for the service via Windows Azure Marketplace.

If you have specific requirements and are not able to use the standard offerings, Virtual Machine, please contact your Aspera account representative.

10) Where is the documentation for my Aspera On Demand?

The user and admin documentation for Aspera On Demand is available from within the web application. If you require a PDF copy of the documentation, please contact your Aspera account representative. Additional information can be found in this Aspera Knowledgebase article:

11) I would like to integrate Aspera platform On Demand with my company’s Software as a Service offering. How do I access the Aspera Developer portal?

We suggest that you purchase Aspera SDK together with the Aspera Application Platform On Demand. The Aspera SDK provides you with access to the Developer portal, Support for your development project, as well as Developer licenses during the development project.

12) We are a cloud platform provider and would like to offer Aspera as part of our cloud platform.  Is this possible?

Yes.  We are happy to review your requirements for Aspera in your cloud.  Please contact

“We have always been impressed with Aspera’s speed and reliability for intercontinental file transfers. Choosing Aspera as the transport foundation for our service makes cloud-based video hosting and distribution technologically feasible and cost effective.” Tony Laughton CEO of Cinema Cloud