ASPERA - Official Partner of the acclaimed SUNDANCE Institute and Film Festival

The team at Aspera is honored to partner with the Sundance Institute and the Sundance Film Festival as they guide the global independent creative community to create and thrive as the next generation of storytellers.

“The partnership with Aspera and the use of the Aspera faspex solution for last minute content delivery for this year's Park City Festival has been amazing. In the past, we had to rely on delivery services and hard drives or cross our fingers that the content delivered via FTP would make it to us in time as we battled large numbers of file resends."Dave Ginsberg, CTO at Sundance Institute

The landscape in numbers:

The Sundance Film Festival takes place annually in Park City, Utah. With 50,000 attendees, it is the largest and most widely recognized Independent Film Festival in the world.

Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of submissions, which typically reach around 12,500 videos from all the over the word, Sundance sought a solution that could transform this difficult and costly workflow.

With 4,200 features films and 8,100 shorts submitted from 40 countries, and often in multiple formats, Sundance needed the transfer solution to provide predictable results as well as achieve maximum speed, efficiency and security regardless of file size or type, transfer distance, and network conditions. Plus, Sundance required easy implementation for its users, who have varying levels of technology proficiency.

The solution:

Aspera faspex

Sundance concluded that Aspera faspex™ was the only solution that would enable Sundance to operate effectively under tight deadlines and to collaborate globally with independent filmmakers. With faspex, users were able to submit content using a standard web browser, and Sundance administrators were alerted via email notification when content was received. For filmmakers, the ability to contribute their work for potential nomination is key to their success, and Aspera provided them with the peace of mind that their valued submissions would be delivered on time and with complete security. 

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