Aspera Drive

Aspera is thrilled to preview a new file sharing experience that brings together the best of Aspera faspex, Shares, and Sync technologies into a single unified platform for file-based collaboration.

Unlike the myriad of “Drive,” “File Sync” and “File Sharing” services on today’s Internet, the Aspera platform allows for transfer and synchronization of files sets of any size and any number with maximum speed at any distance, with the full access control, privacy and security of the Aspera technology, and with an innovative architecture that allows for deploying on-premise, on the cloud, or in combination, as your Enterprise may choose.

This new experience, brought to you as “Aspera Drive” brings remote file browsing, transfer, synchronization, and package sending and receiving to the Desktop, Browser and Mobile device with a natural project based collaboration model on the application backend.  Users enjoy maximum transfer speed, security, and distance independent collaboration with any size data set and can access and exchange “big data” with ease from their environment of choice.  Aspera veterans will recognize how the user experience builds on Aspera Connect, Cargo, Sync and Mobile and unifies Shares and faspex paradigms on the backend to achieve what we believe is a revolutionary file sharing experience.       Download the Data Sheet

Aspera Drive - The Desktop Experience

Desktop-based file sharing & collaboration

Aspera Drive brings together all transfer and synchronization paradigms of the faspex and Shares backend directly into the desktop file explorer.  Through the expandable Aspera Drive entry in the desktop file explorer, collaboration with big data sets is easy and comprehensive:

Users can browse their Projects and authorized Shares for file content, right click and drag-and-drop files and directories from the desktop to their Aspera Shares, right-click to sync a local folder with a Project or right-click to send files and directories to other Project members and users as a faspex package.

Users can subscribe and automatically download faspex packages via their Inbox, Sync down any new files in their Project Shares, or simply download new files by dragging files from a remote Share to a local folder within their Drive view.

From the Aspera Drive for Mobile and faspex App for Mobile, iOS and Android users can browse their Projects and Shares and upload and download files, or send and receive packages with email integration.

Users can have one or more unique authenticated Drive accounts with each server provider and thus one user can simultaneously access and collaborate through multiple providers concurrently within the same Aspera Drive installation.

The entire paradigm builds on fasp transfer and sync technologies to allow for transfer and automatic background synchronization of even giant data sets at global distances, including support for cloud (AWS/Azure storage), with the ease and facility of simple file sharing and sync.

Feature Highlights

  • High-speed synchronization from desktop to Shares backend. Right click to sync a local folder with remote Project Shares, or to Sync down new files from the Share, as well as automatic background sync.
  • Integrated secure desktop browsing of remote shares, projects, and files.
  • Drag and drop high-speed transfer to and from remote shares and projects (on premise and on cloud).
  • Background synchronization of faspex sending and receiving.
  • Desktop integrated faspex sending and receiving - Right click to send a faspex package. Automatic subscribe and download faspex packages to the desktop.
  • Multiple accounts supported in one Drive, with secure authenticated access to Projects and Shares.
  • Email notification on new package availability or new content uploaded to a Share.

the Web Experience

Web-based file sharing & collaboratioN

Aspera Drive is powered by the faspex and Shares web platform backend that unifies all of the file sharing and package sending capabilities of Aspera Shares and faspex.  The platform is a web application tier that deploys in conjunction with Aspera Enterprise Server(s) in the Enterprise or on the cloud to power the file-sharing ecosystem.

Users can browse their Shares and transfer or sync files and directories via Aspera Drive on the Desktop or via the faspex or Shares browser interfaces using Aspera Connect browser plug-in. Users can also send and receive packages with other users in their Projects from the browser, desktop (Aspera Drive) and from the mobile app, and recipients can immediately be notified of content availability via email.

User management flexes across enterprise and 3rd parties with support for multiple directory services simultaneously, federated authentication and single sign-on (SAML), public URL and private invitations to send by 3rd parties, and self-registration.

Transfer policies such as bandwidth preferences, priorities, vlinks, and security settings can be configured by users, groups, and also by Project.

The Aspera Node API has been extended to support Shares-based access control for browsing, transfer, and sync in addition to the existing API for faspex package sending, receiving and package info.

Feature Highlights

  • Combines the file sharing and package sending capabilities for Shares and faspex.
  • Supports custom metadata with 3rd party dropboxes for ingest of content and metadata, and custom branding.
  • Users can browse authorized Shares and transfer or sync via Aspera Drive on the Desktop or transfer within the faspex browser interface using Aspera Connect browser plug-in.
  • Users can send and receive packages via Aspera Drive on Desktop or via Aspera Connect in the browser.
  • Transfer policies and security can be set per user, group, and project.

The Mobile Experience

Mobile file sharing & collaboration

The Aspera Drive experience extends to the iOS and Android mobile platforms with a new Aspera Drive for Mobile app that allows the user to browse her Projects and Shares and upload and download from the device using fasp. The platform also has full compatibility with the faspex Mobile App for iOS and for Android, allowing for integrated package sending and receiving using fasp from these platforms.