Aspera Plug-in for Avid InterPlay Delivery

high-speed media transfers between remote Avid stations

Aspera fasp Plug-in for the Avid Interplay Delivery service enables integrated, high-speed transport of full resolution media between Avid production workgroups.  Users can share full resolution media and associated metadata between remote Interplay Production workgroups across a wide area network (WAN) by transferring video and metadata at line speed, regardless of distance, fully utilizing the available bandwidth. The Aspera solution is optimized for maximum speed retrieval and storage of media clips on Avid ISIS® storage, with line speed WAN transfer at any distance, using the fasp 3 transport platform and supports the complete check-out/check-in process required for coordinated transfers and collaboration.

Feature Highlights

  • Line speed delivery between remote Avid editing stations.
  • Integrated with Avid Interplay Delivery.
  • Supports transfer of full resolution media and metadata between remote Interplay Production workgroups.
  • Optimized for maximum speed retrieval and storage of media clips on Avid ISIS® storage.

fasp Proxy 1.0

high-performance proxy designed for fasp speed

Designed for fasp performance, the fasp Proxy is a high-speed proxy software engine allowing secure and transparent pass-through of fasp transfer sessions across secure DMZs without impeding transfer speeds or compromising the security of your internal network. Kernel-level packet forwarding ensures that fasp packets do not slow down, fully maintaining fasp transfer speeds. Built-in support for fasp Proxy in all Aspera desktop and browser clients makes it easy to setup and deploy, and built-in authentication ensures secure client access in both forward and reverse configurations.

Feature HighlightS

  • Secure, line speed proxy for Aspera transfers. Software engine deployed on 64-bit Linux hosts.
  • Kernel-level, software maintains all of the high-performance capabilities of fasp.
  • Supports both in-bound and out-bound (forward and reverse proxy) with secure authentication of all Aspera sessions with both user squash and user preservation options.
  • Single proxy multiplexes client sessions to multiple Aspera Server hosts targets in reverse configuration, and multiple outbound client sessions in forward configuration.
  • Transfers via proxy are fully compatible with all Aspera products.


Telestream Vantage

Video transcoding and workflow

Telestream Vantage provides a complete range of world-class video transcoding and intelligent workflow orchestration products – from single-server systems for automating transcoding, to very large, multi-server systems that produce and assemble millions of finished media packages. Vantage brings transcoding, media capture, metadata processing, and analysis into a unified system. With Aspera faspex seamlessly integrated into Vantage, operators can now incorporate secure, high-speed file transfer and delivery of any file or groups of files as part of the unified and completely automated Vantage video workflow process. Recipients are notified upon package delivery and can download the package with any Aspera fasp client including the Connect browser plug-in, iOS or Android mobile fasp app, Cargo automatic downloader, or the Aspera fasp Add-in for Outlook.

Joint Solution Feature Highlights

  • High-speed, secure Aspera-powered distribution of media and meta data.
  • Vantage creates the fasp packages and initiates the high-speed transfer.
  • Recipients automatically notified upon package delivery and can download the package with any faspex interface.
  • Entire process is integrated and automated by Vantage workflow platform.

EVS C-Cast

Multi-screen production system

The Aspera-powered EVS’s C-Cast system provides broadcasters and affiliates access to the video from all cameras in a multi-cam production, not just the single broadcast stream. C-Cast Agents capture the sequences from the cameras not broadcasting on the main stream, and can transfer these clips at high speed using Aspera to C-Cast Central where they are transcoded and made available for distribution.

The flexibility of the C-Cast system allows C-Cast Central to be deployed on premise at the broadcast center, or in the cloud on infrastructure managed by EVS or by the broadcaster. Embedding Aspera fasp high-speed transfer technology ensures maximum transfer speed of the media files from end-to end, within the C-Cast system regardless of where the infrastructure is deployed, and on to any affiliates that have subscribed to the multicam feed, increasing the value of the clips to broadcasters by improving the viewer experience.

Joint Solution Feature Highlights

  • Aspera fasp embedded within EVS C-Cast multi-screen production system.
  • Ensures maximum transfer speed of the media files from end-to end.
  • Allows C-Cast Central to be deployed on premise or in the cloud.

Harmonic Media Application Server

Enterprise-class content management

Harmonic Media Application Server (MAS) is a SOA-based platform that hosts and coordinates applications that comprise an enterprise-class content management, preparation and delivery platform, providing a common control center for all media processing tasks including transfers, transcoding, caption processing, file-based QC and archive management. Aspera fasp transfer software can move file-based media of all sizes, securely, at high-speed, across global distances, and can be easily embedded thanks to an open architecture and rich set of APIs. The combined solution allows complex workflows to be orchestrated and enforced, allowing quick and efficient routing of content to the intended destination.

Joint Solution Feature Highlights

  • Aspera fasp embedded within MAS.
  • Ensures maximum transfer speed of the media files at ingest, distribution, or between media component services as part of an end-to-end workflow.
  • Media can be stored and accessed anywhere, providing flexible deployment options while still accelerating file movement across the WAN for global workflows.

Vidispine API Media Asset Management

FIMS compatible MAM backbone platform

Vidispine’s is an API media asset management platform that makes it easy to create packaged solutions to meet the needs and requirements of any part of the media industry. The flexible MAM platform enables users to find and work with any type of media, from any repository, in any type of editor, with anyone, anywhere.  Vidispine already comes with an option for Aspera fasp high-speed transfer, and now supports initiating and managing fasp transfers through the FIMS interface specification, enabling complete end-to-end FIMS workflows.

Joint Solution Feature Highlights

  • Aspera fasp integrated and embedded within Vidispine.
  • Initiate and manage Aspera fasp transfers through the new FIMS interface.
  • Build complete end-to-end workflows integrating any media service component that exposes a FIMS interface.



MediaBeacon is an enterprise-class Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform for searching, tagging, and manipulating assets from anywhere in the world.  MediaBeacon's enterprise search engine and automated workflows are perfectly suited for managing all media and document types in single or distributed high-availability environments.  The flexible interface features integrated Aspera transfers, which means that users can send and receive assets at maximum line speed.


  • Store assets anywhere and access them over the web.
  • Aspera fasp transfers available right in the web interface.
  • Users can maximize productivity and transfer speed.



Sony Ci media cloud services give creative professionals a virtual workspace with revolutionary media applications to store, share and manipulate content from any location in the world. Forged from Sony’s proven ability to solve real-world production and post-production challenges, Ci has been designed with intuitive capabilities to analyze complex media and data to enable machine-assisted workflows—making it one of the industry’s most innovative media solutions available to professionals at any level. With Aspera high-speed file transfer embedded directly into Ci, creative professionals can upload and download full resolution media and meta-data from a secure browser-based user interface, making it simple for people to assemble teams online, work on projects and access files from locations around the world.


  • Aspera fasp embedded directly within Sony Ci
  • Ensures maximum transfer speed of the media files and meta data to the cloud platform
  • Content is then available for all of the Sony Ci cloud-based applications