We are excited to announce new versions of Aspera high-speed transfer software:


Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point-to-Point Client and Desktop Client software versions 3.4 extend the FASP 3 architecture with integration with new cloud storage and CDN platforms including Google Storage, Akamai NetStorage and IBM SoftLayer, an enhanced feature set for all platforms including AWS and Azure, and even higher performance for direct transfer to, from and between cloud and on premise infrastructure.  Additional features include enhanced hot folder performance, md5sum reporting and preservation of ACLs and other native file system attributes, enhanced user authorization fully integrated with Aspera Shares, and new file sharing capabilities with API support for share-to-share transfer. Read More

Aspera Sync 1.5 has new ultra-fast snapshot performance allowing for synchronization updates of giant file stores (1 million and above) with performance that is significantly faster than Aspera Sync 1.4, for systems with very large numbers of files and slow storage such as virtual machines, allowing file sets with 10s of millions of items to update within very tight time windows, reducing rsync update times from days to hours, and hours to minutes. Windows ACLs and OS X extended attributes are preserved across syncs, and secure document roots and authorization via secure tokens are now fully supported.  Bi-directional synchronization workflows on Windows will tolerate files open by users during synchronization. This version also adds official support for OS X and Solaris. Read More

The new faspex 3.7 and Shares 1.7 are fully integrated with Aspera server nodes making possible workflows that fully integrate with existing Aspera processes, that support both on-premise and in-cloud storage, and that integrate the main features of faspex and Shares for high speed and secure file ingest, sharing, and distribution based on Aspera FASP and a comprehensive and fine-grained access control model.

For example, faspex packages can be sent from any Aspera server and storage location, and packages received to faspex workgroups can be forwarded to any Aspera server for direct access on the file system or browsing and download within Aspera Shares. Shares supports direct drag-and-drop transfer between shares, allowing users to “move” files between globally distributed locations with ease and speed and fully integrates with the core Aspera software allowing for unified user management and authorization within Shares. Both faspex and Shares support single sign-on through SAML. Read More

Among the new Aspera Mobile Apps, the new iOS client faspex version 2.0, now available on the iTunes store, and the new Android app for faspex version 1.0 now available on Google Play store, allow users to send and receive files, directories, images and video from iOS and Android devices with complete integration with the faspex backend. Packages can be encrypted  on the wire and at rest, with easy click-to-unlock capabilities.

Mobile users may send to individual faspex users, 3rd party email addresses or workgroups. The iOS version now supports Dropbox metadata, automatically prompting senders to complete the metadata fields configured for the Dropbox, and displaying any metadata included with a Dropbox package in the received package details. Users may compose new packages and perform other actions while refreshing new packages in the Inbox concurrently and select multiple items concurrently from the Photo Gallery. Read More

Console 2.3, the new release of Aspera's centralized management and reporting software now includes SAML single sign-on, several new capabilities within the automatic Console-driven Smart Transfers and license management within the web UI.  Smart Transfers now support transfers initiated behind an Aspera Proxy, pull transfers initiated from the destination node, and easier to manage permission settings for sharing.  Reporting now has configurable size limits on email reports and email notifications now support an automatic resending capability and detailed troubleshooting capabilities. Sync 1.5 reporting is fully supported. The Console API for transfer queuing management and automation is also available on the Aspera Developer Network. Read More

The Orchestrator file-based workflow automation platform automates the collection, processing and distribution of large volumes of file-based digital media assets with a rich library of plug-ins for common applications such as file format validation, virus scanning, transcoding, ad insertion, and encryption. The latest release includes numerous infrastructure enhancements for distributed and high-availability deployments, integration with directory services, and an expanded list of new plug-ins. Read More

Aspera On Demand 3.4

All Aspera On Demand products have been updated to the latest core software releases including Transfer Server On Demand 3.4, Application Platform On Demand 3.4, Faspex On Demand 3.7 and Shares On Demand 1.7. Platform support includes AWS, SoftLayer with Swift, Google, and Windows Azure.

Introducing for preview: the new Auto-scale Cluster for Aspera On Demand, a new software platform allowing for dynamic, real-time scale out of transfer capacity with automatic start/stop of transfer server instances, automatic balancing of client requests, and configurable service levels to manage transfer load, "burst" capacity and decommissioning of unused instances. Read More

Aspera SDK

New releases of the Aspera SDK and APIs are now available on the Aspera Developer Network, with many features, samples, and tools across the entire SDK product line. Read More