Point-to-Point Client

The Aspera Point-to-Point advanced desktop transfer client extends the feature set of the Aspera Desktop Client, supporting connections with Point-to-Point and Desktop Clients and enabling users to transfer files directly to each other. With the ability to be remotely managed and controlled from Aspera Console, the Point-to-Point Client can become an integrated part of an Aspera transfer environment.

Use Cases

Automated, high-speed remote backup and disaster recovery

Set up a simple, easy-to-maintain, high-speed file repository to enable back ups of critical files (CAD projects, game builds, video edits, etc.). If a recovery is needed, large amounts of big-data files can be transferred back to a user’s desktop at speeds of 100X faster than FTP or HTTP, saving hours and days over backup services that rely on traditional TCP-based transfer technologies.

General-purpose high-speed file exchange

Enable collaborating users to send files and directories directly to each other’s desktop with manual or automated transfers (e.g. daily work-in-progress collection from an offsite contractor).

Product Highlights

Transfer automation

  • Support for Hot Folders automation, scripting and custom post-processing
  • Integrated job scheduling, queuing, and prioritization control

Precise bandwidth control

  • Automatic per-transfer and aggregate bandwidth control
  • Graphical interface provides visual, real-time transfer rate monitoring and enables on-the-fly adjustments of transfer speed and priority

Comprehensive security

  • Built in SSH service supporting incoming connections
  • Content security with in-transfer and at-rest encryption

Unrivaled Aspera performance

  • Powered by Aspera’s patented FASP® transport technology, content is sent at high speed, regardless of file sizes, transfer distances or network conditions.
  • Precise bandwidth control ensures the entire allocated bandwidth is utilized to achieve maximum transfer speeds, while remaining fair to other business-critical network traffic.
  • Automatic, fast and lossless inline compression reduces data set transfer sizes, providing further boost to Aspera's industry-leading transfer performance.
  • 100% reliable data delivery with real-time reporting of transfer progress and performance.

Versatile yet easy-to-use software

  • Simple, intuitive user interface that makes it easy to launch high-speed uploads and downloads.
  • Command line scripting option provides the means to automate transfers and add custom pre- and post-transfer processing steps.

Precise bandwidth utilization control

  • Real-time visual monitoring of transfer progress and transfer queue.
  • Ability to adjust bandwidth utilization on the fly; ideal for boosting transfer speeds for time-critical content or throttling down less important transfers to leave bandwidth for other business-critical network traffic (e.g. video conferencing)

Bullet-proof security

Keep your business-critical digital assets safe with Aspera’s enterprise-grade security features.

  • Thorough SSH authentication.
  • AES-128 data encryption in-transit and at-rest with configurable per-user encryption settings and minimum required password strength.
  • Configurable encryption settings per user, with complete transfer authorization policies and security options.
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant cryptographic module.
  • Data integrity verification for each transmitted block.
  • Built-in support for FASP Proxy enables high-speed transfers within restrictive networks with the option for HTTP fallback.

>> Learn more about Aspera's FASP security model

Remote management via Aspera Console

Ensure that all transfer and security settings adhere to the organization’s IT policies by enabling your administrators to monitor and control Point-to-Point clients installed on users’ desktops.

  • Easily configure and connect to any Point-to-Point Client through Console’s web-based user interface.
  • Control security and transfer settings, and manage user accounts.

Operating Systems Supported by the Latest Version

Windows: XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7, 8, 2012; Mac OS X 4+ Intel; Linux; Solaris: 9, 10 Sparc. Have another operating system? Check other Point-to-Point Client versions.


  • Windows, Linux and FreeBSD operating systems are supported both in 32-bit and 64-bit modes.
  • Linux 2.4 or higher is required.
  • Linux distributions/kernels released after the product release date may not be compatible. Contact us for more details.

Minimum Hardware REquirements

Refer to the minimum hardware requirements for your operating system.

Additionally, Point-to-Point Client requires:

  • Screen resolution 1024 x 768 or higher for graphical user interface on any supported operating system.


Perpetual or annual (recurring) multi-tiered licensing based on transfer bandwidth capacity. One license per installed client, supports two unique user accounts, one for transfers and one for administration, and is thus intended for transfer applications that do not require multi-user or multi-account transfer support.

Supports Connections With:

Enterprise Server, Connect Server, or another Point-to-Point Client

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