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The mobile app for Android is specifically designed for devices running Google's Android operating system. With speeds of up to 100X faster than traditional transfers, users can initiate high-speed transfers of video, audio and photo content to and from Aspera Enterprise Server or Connect Server directly on their mobile devices. Completely integrated with Android, the Aspera app can upload content from the device's built-in camera, the photo gallery, or the Android File System. For downloads, users can directly browse Connect Server’s Web-based directory listing and download the content directly to the device.

Use Cases

Secure file contribution from remote users and partners

Enable reporters in the field or “citizen journalists” to submit high-quality footage of breaking news without sending out entire TV crews with expensive film and transmission equipment.

Remote medical diagnosis

Enable healthcare professionals to upload high-resolution medical images and video from anywhere in the world (e.g. rural doctors sending images/video to specialists at regional health centers for diagnosis).

Product HighlightS

High-speed transfers over Wi-Fi and Cellular

With fasp, Aspera’s Android mobile app can transfer files up to 3x times faster than 3G, and up to 100x times faster than 802.11n. The app switches dynamically between Wi-Fi and 3G for fastest possible transfers.

Easy-to-use native Android app

With the look and feel of the native Android apps, Aspera’s app is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with device’s camera, photo gallery and file system. Work in progress can be saved as drafts, for later completion, enabling maximum workflow flexibility and allowing users to continue working offline.

Full browsing of Connect Server content

Users with Connect Server accounts can browse server content directly from their Android devices and download available content. The app will notify users when new content is available, providing timely updates on other users’ activity.

High-speed fasp™ transfers for Android devices

  • Powered by FASP™ transport technology, packages are sent at high-speed, regardless of file sizes, transfer distance, or network conditions.
  • Precise bandwidth control ensures the entire allocated bandwidth is utilized to achieve maximum transfer speeds, while being fair to other network traffic.
  • Dynamic switching between Wi-Fi and 3G, as the device detects that they are active, to support the fastest possible transfers.
  • Entire folders can be sent from the device, as well as received from the server.
  • Complete security with built-in with endpoint authentication, encryption, and data integrity verification.

Easy to use native anDroid app

  • Intuitive interface for uploads and downloads.
  • Downloaded content is organized into folders based on content type (e.g., pictures, videos, etc.), simplifying access to the content after it has been downloaded. Downloaded files are just two taps away.
  • Ability to save packages in progress to the Drafts folder enables flexible workflows driven by users’ needs, not application requirements. Users can compose packages even while their device is offline from any network.
  • The app lets you resend a previous delivery to another server, simplifying the task of sending the same content to multiple places, and making it less error-prone.
  • Support for Android 2.2 devices ensures even older devices can achieve high-speed transfers with Aspera.
  • Users can access the device camera directly to shoot pictures and include them immediately in the delivery, without having to leave the app.
  • Ability to geo-tag uploaded content with the device’s current position lets the user deliver location-aware content.

Full browsing support with Connect Server

  • Supports multiple accounts to accommodate users who need to transfer to more than one Aspera server.
  • Users can browse Connect Server's web-based directory listing and download the content directly to the device.
  • App users can choose to be notified of new content posted while they are browsing contents of a server, enabling the user to rapidly respond to newly posted content.
  • The app displays the familiar Aspera transfer view, showing transfer progress and letting the user pause and resume transfers, and manage their transfer queue.

Complete Security

  • If required by the Connect Server administrator, package contents are encrypted over the wire.
  • The app user can select for the uploaded packages to remain encrypted while stored in the Connect Server and be decrypted on the fly when downloaded by the recipients.
  • Supports the complete Aspera FASP security model, with secure authentication, encryption of the data using strong cryptography, packet integrity verification to protect against man-in-the-middle compromise, and FIPS-140 2 compliance.

Screenshot Tour

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Main screen

File browsing



Supported Platforms

Android App
Android 2.2.0 or later  


Minimum Hardware Requirements

Refer to the minimum hardware requirements for your operating system.

Supports Connections With:

Enterprise Server and Connect Server


Licensed as Mobile Software license add-on to the Aspera Enterprise Server or Aspera Connect Server software license and is available for use by any server user.

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