Transfer Servers


Built on patented fasp™ technology, the Aspera Enterprise Server is the industry standard for transferring files, directories and large data sets over the WAN with unrivaled Aspera performance.


Extends Enterprise Server functionality to the Web, enabling high-speed fasp-powered transfers from standard browsers with the Connect browser plug-in.

fasp Proxy

Aspera fasp™ Proxy protects your organization’s network while enabling secure, high-speed transfers within highly restrictive network environments.

Web Applications


Provides a simple and intuitive way for companies to share files and directories of any size within or outside of their organization with an easy to use web interface and powerful and flexible security model.


Global person-to-person file delivery and collaboration platform for sending and receiving digital packages using a variety of user interfaces and applications.

Aspera for Microsoft Sharepoint

Enables users to take advantage of SharePoint document management capabilities for files that may be distributed on multiple file systems, with fast, predictable and secure document upload and download. 

Transfer Clients


A full-featured desktop application for initiating transfers with Aspera transfer servers or Point-to-point clients.


Extends the Desktop Client with user accounts for transfer and administration, and remote control, management, and monitoring by Aspera Console.

Connect WEB Browser Plug-in

An install-on-demand browser plug-in that powers high-speed fasp transfers between standard browsers and Aspera web-enabled transfer servers and web applications.


High-speed transfer, package sending and receiving, and background synchronization of files and data sets of any size integrated with Windows Explorer and Mac Finder.


Extends person-to-person file delivery workflows with automatic downloading and consolidation of faspex™ packages received from multiple faspex instances.

Aspera Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Extends Aspera's global person-to-person file delivery and collaboration capabilities to Outlook users, allowing them to send and receive attachments of any size directly and transparently from Microsoft Outlook.


Developers can integrate Aspera’s high-speed transfer, monitoring and control technology into any desktop or web application using fasp SDKs with cross-platform libraries for Mac, Windows and Linux (Java, C++, C#, .NET).

Mobile Apps

Mobile UPLOADER for iPhone and iPad

Brings industry-leading, patented Aspera high-speed file transfer to the iPhone and iPad.

FASPEX Mobile aPP for iOS and Android

A client app for Aspera faspex, specifically designed for mobile devices running Apple's iOS operating system.


Enables high-speed transfers to and from an Aspera transfer server directly from Google Android devices.

Management & Automation


File-based workflow automation and orchestration platform for automating the collection, processing and distribution of large volumes of digital content.


Web-based centralized management and monitoring of your Aspera transfer environment with real-time notification, logging, and reporting.



High-performance, multi-directional synchronization and replication platform, able to handle millions of individual files and the largest of file sizes, at speeds that are 100X faster than conventional tools like rsync.