Aspera's software moves the world’s data at maximum speed, regardless of file size, transfer distance or network conditions. At the heart of our solutions is our patented FASP® transport technology – a breakthrough transfer protocol that leverages existing WAN infrastructure and commodity hardware to achieve speeds that are up to hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP. Supporting deployments on premise or on public, private and hybrid cloud platforms, and covering a wide range of server, desktop and mobile operating systems, Aspera software delivers end-to-end security, 100% reliability and exceptional bandwidth control.


Central in a typical Aspera deployment, the transfer servers combine fasp transport with comprehensive transfer and user management for large-scale enterprise data movement. Running on premise or on demand in the cloud, they provide a highly scalable and secure transfer environment that supports files of any size, thousands of concurrent transfers, and an unlimited number of users.


Aspera web applications bring high-speed fasp transfers to web browsers enabling diverse business workflows for file collection, distribution, and exchange among geographically dispersed teams and with external customers and partners. Intuitive user interfaces make user adoption fast and easy while providing powerful features supporting the most complex workflows.


Aspera clients enable fasp-powered transfers on virtually any device, with native applications available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, as well as plug-ins for standard web browsers and an add-in for Microsoft Outlook. Regardless of the selected client option, users can easily initiate secure, high-speed uploads and downloads, as well as monitor and control transfer rates.


Mobile Apps

Aspera Mobile Apps deliver high-speed upload and download of large files such as images, video, legal documents, and intelligence data on Apple iOS and Google Android devices. Built on our patented fasp™ technology, they can transfer data over Wi-Fi and cellular networks at speeds that are up to 100X faster than traditional mobile transfer technologies. They fully support the fasp security model, incorporate the look and feel of native device apps, and integrate seamlessly with device cameras and photo galleries.

Management & Automation

To help organizations make the most out of Aspera's high-speed transport technology, we provide tools that allow automation and centralized management of the Aspera transfer environment, tying together multiple components such as Aspera transfer servers, web applications and transfer clients. Our web-based management application provides management, monitoring, and reporting from a single interface and our workflow automation platform enables complex business workflow orchestration that automates file collection, processing, and distribution with a drag-and-drop UI designer, scalable and robust run-time engine, and a rich library of third-party plug-ins.



The FASPStream software product was created from the ground up by Aspera with the potential to revolutionize the way that live and near-live video is transported.

enterprise applications

Aspera’s Enterprise Applications include a variety of software solutions that integrate its high-speed FASP®-powered transfer technology to transfer files of any size on virtually any device, across global distances from anywhere in the world. These applications include stand-alone Aspera solutions as well as third party plug-ins and integrated solutions, all of which provide 100% transfer reliability and bulletproof security. 


Aspera Sync is a highly scalable platform for multidirectional file replication and synchronization, able to handle millions of individual files and largest file sizes, at speeds that are 1000X faster than conventional tools like rsync.


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“Aspera’s technology was head and shoulders above its competitors. Not only was it more robust and better suited to our needs but the team were 100% dedicated to making the project a complete success for us. You‘d go a long way to find a team that worked harder on the integration than these guys.” Marc Hoelscher, Marketing Director at SendtoNews