EVS C-Cast powered by Aspera FASP high-speed transfer

Enable Connection of Live Content to Production Teams, Accredited Teams, and Final Viewers


EVS C-Cast is a platform that enables content owners to maximize the value of their media by connecting live content with production teams, accredited teams and final viewers. Aspera helps C-Cast deliver the best experience for seamlessly connecting on-site TV production infrastructure to a cloud-based platform, enabling content owners to aggregate content, enrich it or instantly deliver it to any platform.

EVS C-Cast delivers live media content by utilizing Aspera’s FASP software for high-speed transfer. With Aspera FASP integration, EVS ensures maximum transfer speed of the media files from end to end within the C-Cast system regardless of where the infrastructure is deployed and to multiple affiliates and recipients.

Joint Feature Highlights:

  • Aspera FASP embedded within EVS C-Cast connected content platform to deliver live production media content.
  • Ensures maximum transfer speed of the media files throughout the production workflow.


The Aspera FASP powered EVS’s C-Cast system provides broadcasters and affiliates access to all of the video from a production, not just the single broadcast stream. C-Cast Agents capture the sequences from cameras not broadcasting on the main stream, and can transfer these clips at high-speed using Aspera FASP to C-Cast Central where they are transcoded and made available for distribution.

The flexibility of the C-Cast system allows C-Cast Central to be deployed on premise at the broadcast center or in the cloud on infrastructure managed by EVS or by the broadcaster. Embedding Aspera FASP high-speed transfer technology ensures maximum transfer speed of the media files from end-to end, within the C-Cast system regardless of where the infrastructure is deployed, and on to any affiliates that have subscribed to the feed, increasing the value of the clips to broadcasters by improving the viewer experience.

Besides supporting live production workflows, the integration with Aspera also allows high-speed FASP transfers from C-Cast Agents directly to offsite storage, which can be in the cloud or deployed at an alternate datacenter for disaster recovery purposes.

Key Features

High-Speed Transfer Using Aspera for Distribution and Disaster Recovery

Media files are transferred using Aspera FASP though the EVS C-Cast system to support the entire live production workflow.

  • Transfer files at maximum speed regardless of size, distance, or format
  • Deliver media files at high-speeds into and out of C-Cast Central to multiple affiliates and recipients
  • Transfer media directly to offline storage from C-Cast Agent for disaster recovery purposes.

Maximize Digital Materials Available during Live Production

The Aspera FASP technology enables EVS customers, broadcasters and rights holders, to maximize the amount of digital materials available for a live production.

  • Deliver unused content using Aspera FASP, including unseen camera angles and highlights to viewer’s second-screen devices.
  • Transfer media files from end to end within the C-Cast system for deployments on premise at the broadcast center, or in the cloud on infrastructure managed by EVS or the broadcaster.

Eliminate Custom Implementation Costs

Before the Aspera and EVS integration, customers were forced to build their own integration to add high speed transfers to their C-Cast workflow.

  • Direct API-level integration eliminates customization costs and embeds Aspera transfers into the C-Cast workflow
  • C-Cast customers can transfer data faster through workflows that integrate with existing live production infrastructure
  • Customers have faster access to content with Aspera FASP, allowing greater reuse and monetization of previously unused content

Software Requirements

EVS C-Cast

  • Licensed customers of EVS C-Cast have access to Aspera integrated with their workflow 

Purchase the Solution

Contact EVS at http://www.evs.com/contact/view
Contact Aspera at sales@asperasoft.com


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