Acceleration Systems WAN Optimization powered by Aspera

Improve Global WAN Performance For Applications between remote Sites 

Acceleration Systems designs and develops cost effective WAN optimization solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Unlike other WAN acceleration appliances that have limited scalability due to their high cost and effort for deployment, AS has created a full product set that delivers the benefits of WAN optimization technology at every network location, regardless of business size.

Their solution architecture works by coordinating data flows from remote sites through a Scalable Proxy Optimization Cloud (SPOC) Server, that can be deployed on-premises, on-cloud, or as a service, to optimize data flows to private client application servers, and external applications and services on the Internet.  A core part of the solution is the Remote Business Accelerator (RBA) appliance, an industrial grade piece of hardware that is both a WAN accelerator and a full-featured edge router.  The device is deployed at remote sites and is loaded with specific software defined WAN optimization rules based on diverse client needs. 

While Acceleration Systems has integrated other WAN optimization technologies into their product portfolio, such as data de-duplication, compression, caching, and network traffic shaping, these methods only work well for specific data types and do not provide much performance improvement when dealing with streaming media, encrypted data, video assets, transfer of large files, and real-time industrial controls data-streams.  Under these circumstances, Aspera’s patented FASP transfer technology is ideally suited to efficiently maximize transfer speeds by fully utilizing available network bandwidth on existing infrastructure.

By integrating Aspera FASPStream technology directly in the RBA and SPOC, network traffic from users and devices can leverage FASPStream’s secure, efficient, robust, and predictable transport across even the longest distances and under the most difficult network conditions where latency, packet loss, and jitter typically cripple the performance of applications using TCP based connections.  Using FASPStream, RBAs can utilize bandwidth extremely efficiently to SPOC servers by adapting to changing networking conditions in real-time to leverage the maximum available bandwidth for globally traversing data flows.  In addition, all data transferred with Aspera is secured using the latest open standards to encrypt data in flight, protecting organizations from man in the middle attacks.  

Joint Feature Highlights:

  • Aspera FASPStream technology built into Acceleration System’s RBA hardware to transfers large files and data by fully utilizing available network bandwidth without impacting other traffic on the network
  • Automatic deployment of FASPStream technology to improve network performance between remote sites across a global WAN without a change in the way users work
  • Bulletproof security with per-packet encryption of data in flight utilizing the latest open standards


With the integration of Aspera’s FASPStream high-speed transport technology into Acceleration Systems’ Remote Business Accelerator (RBA) network appliance and SPOC servers, the joint solution can pick up where traditional WAN optimization reaches its limits in near-real time to quickly and reliably respond to user demands and network conditions. Organizations can easily deploy the small device at the edge of business networks to improve the efficiency of network traffic between globally separated sites by simply placing the device inline on a network. The appliance continuously inspects all traffic passing through and uses Acceleration Systems’ Streambed technology to determine when it is most beneficial to divert network traffic through a secure FASPStream connection to an SPOC enabled site.  

Now organizations with remote branch office locations can leverage all the benefits of FASP high-speed transport technology in their network without the need to interrupt existing workflows with new tools or applications. Network requests and data passes securely through a reliable link that’s able to leverage the maximum available bandwidth independent of distance and network conditions, all completely transparent to users. The RBA appliance with FASPStream technology significantly improves network performance and web application reliability for end users and network enabled devices that would typically rely on TCP based technologies to interact with systems, applications, and servers globally. 


Key Features

Aspera-enabled for maximum speed and reliability

  • Automatically route network traffic between remote sites through a secure FASPStream enabled connection
  • Transfer large files and data at maximum speed by fully leveraging the available bandwidth, independent of distance and network conditions
  • Provides secure global data transport without the loss of throughput typically encountered when using VPNs
  • Improve reliability and performance of existing network communications over global distances
  • Robust high-speed data transport even when high-latency and packet loss conditions exist
  • FASPStream’s adaptive rate control plays fair with other network traffic in shared networks

Quick and Simple deployment

  • Quickly setup and manage rules for routing traffic through a FASPStream connection between remote offices with template based provisioning
  • Improve network performance of existing applications and equipment using TCP based protocols between global offices
  • Fully benefit from FASPStream technology without having to directly integrate with FASPStream APIs



Software Requirements

Acceleration Systems

Remote Business Accelerator (RBA) powered by Aspera



  • Oil & Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Maritime
  • Aviation
  • Telecom
  • Retail

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Acceleration Systems

Acceleration Systems is an innovative SaaS optimization company focused on solving the connectivity challenges of the modern Internet and dedicated to solving tomorrow’s technology problems today. With a first-of-its-kind comprehensive platform, Acceleration Systems offers a full suite of advanced technologies providing intelligent network traffic management. These unique technologies have a direct impact on the user experience by improving connectivity with cloud-based applications and Internet performance. The company is focused on enterprise branch locations, ISPs, and infrastructure vendors that serve industries with priority optimization needs including maritime, aviation, oil and gas, satellite communications, and remote retail. Acceleration Systems is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, with offices and customers throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.