Aspera Analytics offers visual analysis and insights into Aspera transfer logging data. This new service will enable Aspera customers to not only gain valuable insight into their Aspera transfer usage but also enable their own troubleshooting and problem solving. Based on multiple years of research, the platform features a fast and intelligent processing and visualization pipeline giving users new insights into FASP diagnostics and usage. Aspera Analytics handles large logs with tens of thousands of sessions in minutes and transforms them into vivid visualizations with interactive filtering and exploring. Customers can upload log files for immediate processing and analysis. Aspera Analytics aggregates statistics across all sessions over time, offering multiple ways to filter and drill down on session data to analyze transfer bandwidth, session health, round-trip delay, packet loss metrics, content, and IP geolocation.

Key features include the following:

  • Uploading and processing of one or more transfer log files
  • Configurable projects with persistent analyses per project
  • Computation and rendering of session data through vivid D3 visualizations in the browser
  • Summary statistics computing maximum, minimum, and average
    • aggregate transfer bandwidth
    • concurrent sessions
    • goodput
  • Interactive dynamic selection of a custom range of transfer session data with interactive zoom by
    • timeline navigation
    • filters and search by local and peer IP, session ID, and individual session
    • pinning of individual sessions for focused viewing
  • Troubleshooting transfer performance with graphs of various transfer and network metrics, such as
    • effective rate
    • round trip delay
    • packet loss
  • Analyzing content and resource distribution of files by
    • content type and volume
    • geolocation of transfer servers
  • Customizing the individual graphs included in each project
  • Sharing projects with other users
  • Single sign on support via Aspera ID

Aspera is demonstrating the platform as a beta introduction and will be opening the platform for customer beta testing in Q2 2017. Come see the preview of Aspera Analytics demonstrated by the Aspera Analytics and User Experience team.