Aspera strives to help organizations move big data around the world at top speeds regardless of their preferred implementation method. That’s why we have created a comprehensive SDK that enables integration of Aspera’s FASP® transport technology into virtually any web, desktop or mobile application.

The Aspera SDK offers a complete set of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) with supporting documentation and sample code to help developers integrate Aspera technology into applications as a replacement for traditional TCP-based protocols such as FTP or HTTP. The Aspera SDK includes web service APIs (REST and SOAP) as well as native libraries for Java, .NET, and C++.

The Aspera SDK is available to developers via an annual development subscription to Aspera Developer Network that includes all available libraries, APIs and  web services, as well as development licenses and developer support.

SDK Highlights

  • Easily integrate Aspera  FASP® transfer technology into any applications
  • Use REST web services, SOAP web services, or JavaScript to integrate Aspera FASP into web applications
  • Leverage the Aspera FASP Manager API for Java, .NET, and C++ to embed Aspera transfer technology into your client, server, and embedded applications
  • Transfer byte-stream data using Aspera FASPStream to enable in-memory access
  • Fully embeddable client or embeddable server
  • Develop mobile applications using the Aspera Mobile SDK for iOS and Android applications.
  • View best practices and code examples on the Aspera Developer Network, including fully functional online web application examples

Web APIs

Node API

The Node API consists of a set of RESTful interfaces to provide control of the Aspera transfer server environment including the ability to ping and query information about an Aspera Node; create, delete and rename files on an Aspera Node; perform searches within the node file system; and prepare for transferring files utilizing Aspera technology.

faspex™ Web API

The Aspera faspex Web API provides a set of RESTful web services to enable browsing, publishing, sending, and receiving faspex packages while leveraging Aspera FASP® high-speed transfer technology.


The Aspera Console API provides full control over Aspera transfer sessions including initiation, queuing, management and control through a set of RESTful interfaces.

SOAP Web Services

Aspera offers SOAP web services to allow local or remote applications to initiate, monitor, and control FASP-based transfers. The SOAP API is useful for server-to-server job submissions and retrieving transfer information.

Transfer SDK

FASP Manager

The Aspera FASP Manager SDK is used to develop custom applications that embed Aspera transfer technology.  The Aspera FASP Manager SDK includes native bindings for Java, C++, and .NET.


The Aspera FASPStream API enables developers to bypass the file system and directly access the Aspera high-speed FASP pipe∫ from within their applications. By utilizing the FASPStream interface, data being generated or captured can be transferred before written to disk and/or incoming data can be processed as soon as bytes are received. The FASPStream API supports .NET, Java, and C++.

Connect Client

The Connect JavaScript API allows for the integration of FASP-based file transfer technology directly into web application for a completely in-browser user experience. Developers can define how users initiate and control transfers (with an optional drag-and-drop interface between desktop and the browser), how transfer progress is presented to the users within their web application, and how various user actions and error conditions are handled by the application.


The Multicast API is a Java class library that allows initiation and management of IP multicast-based data transmissions using Aspera FASP-MC.

mobile SDK

Developers who wish to embed high-speed file transfer into mobile applications can leverage the Aspera Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android. The Aspera Mobile SDK offers a queue-based API for initiating, managing and monitoring high-speed FASP transfers between mobile devices and Aspera transfer servers.

Android SDK

The Aspera Android SDK provides a Java API to transfer files using FASP on Google Android-powered mobile devices.


The Aspera iOS SDK provides an Objective C API to transfer files using FASP on iPhone and iPad devices.

application API

Java faspex Client

The Aspera Java faspex Client SDK provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use API to access Aspera faspex services. This SDK brings together the faspex REST API and the actual transfer of files using FASP. It allows developers to build a functional faspex client with only a few lines of code.

Aspera Developer Network (ADN) is an online portal that provides developers with guides, reference information and sample code to assist developers with the process of integrating Aspera technology into their own applications. Continuously updated with the latest releases, documentation and examples, it is THE place for the developers who are working on integrating Aspera FASP® technology into their desktop, mobile, network-based, and web applications.

ADN access is available on an annual subscription basis. The deployment of applications integrating Aspera software requires valid Aspera product licenses depending on the type of application.

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“Aspera's flexible APIs allowed us to quickly complete the system integration and roll out the new service.” Sifei He, Cloud Product Director at BGI