Mobile Applications

As connected employees look to work more from their mobile devices, the need for a powerful, fast and easy mobile file sharing solution has increased, particularly as files sizes grow and stifle wireless network transfers.

Smart phones and tablets have dramatically changed the way enterprises conduct business with their powerful graphical capabilities that make them ideally suited for remotely creating and reviewing rich digital content. Some potential use case scenarios include:

  • Legal professionals accessing client information on an iPad,
  • Intelligence teams analyzing mission-critical data,
  • Journalists in the field publishing videos of breaking news right from a smart phone.

Any number of mobile scenarios are in use every day by people facing tight deadlines.

The mobile apps that enable these use cases rely on traditional transport technologies that have proven slow and unreliable when used over wireless networks of inconsistent quality (high delay and packet loss).  Organizations need mobile devices to do more than just improve data access and document sharing across widely dispersed global teams. They require an exceptional mobile experience that includes built-in security and consistently reliable and fast performance.

Built on our patented FASP® transfer technology, Aspera Mobile Apps for iOS and Android transfer large files over cellular networks at speeds that could be 10X faster or greater versus traditional mobile transfer technologies, with potentially much greater speeds over Wi-Fi. They fully support the FASP security model, provide look and feel of native device apps, and integrate seamlessly with device cameras and photo galleries.


This mobile app enables Aspera Files users to quickly send files and folders to an Aspera Files user or dropbox. Files Mobile allows you to directly capture and transfer photos and video using the device camera or a library of files created by other apps on your device that support iOS or Android sharing, all within the app

Drive mobile for ios and android

Aspera Drive Mobile brings the power of Aspera collaboration solutions to mobile devices. With the Aspera Drive Mobile app, companies can provide employees, customers, and partners the ability to remotely browse and transfer files and folders with remote Shares at high-speed, harnessing Aspera’s FASP technology to share files between individuals and groups. 

FASPEXTM Mobile for iOS and Android

The faspex™ Mobile app for iOS and Android is a client app for the Aspera faspex web application. Users can send and receive any content by initiating high-speed FASP transfers using the faspex email-style workflow, adapted to the native style of the device.


The Aspera Mobile Uploader brings industry-leading, patented Aspera high-speed file transfer to mobile devices. Based on Aspera FASP, the Aspera Mobile Uploader lets you upload photos or videos from the media library on your smartphone or tablet, or directly from your phone’s camera to mobile-enabled Aspera servers. 


Use Cases


“The fact that reporters couldn’t upload content from certain mobile phones was a significant hole in the system, especially with the increasing importance of citizen journalism. Using Aspera’s software to enable this was an absolute no brainer for us. Aspera’s transfer software, which we’ve used for the past three years, is extremely reliable and they were the perfect partner with which to take new provision to the next level.” Jukka Vehkaoja at MTV Finland