Enabling Ultra HD media management & collaboration in the cloud

72andSunny partners with Aspera for cloud-based media management and collaboration


72andSunny is a modern full-service design and advertising company with a host of high-profile clients, including Carl’s Jr., Google, and Starbucks. With regional offices in Los Angeles, New York City, and Amsterdam, 72andSunny takes a global approach to delivering multi-platform campaigns that resonate with audiences around the world. 

From the onset, 72andSunny set out to create a world-class studio that would produce cutting-edge design, editorial, visual effects and graphics. In order to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to managing their rapidly growing asset library, which includes storage and bandwidth intensive 4K, 5K and 6K video content, 72andSunny takes advantage of the latest technologies, with a special focus on leveraging the power of the cloud from asset storage and archiving, to file processing, transcoding and global distribution. 

Beginning with the ingest of raw video footage from a shoot to the delivery of completed 60-second spots ready for air, 72andSunny relies on Aspera’s patented FASP™ technology to quickly move, synchronize, and exchange data between their global offices, field locations, customers, and partners. 

72andSunny utilizes Aspera Orchestrator today to fully automate their workflows, using FASP to transfer the video files and meta data from their on-premises datacenter storage SAN to AWS at maximum speed, with seamless integration to Cantemo Portal, MediaSilo and Vidispine digital asset management systems in the cloud. When a file is “tagged” for upload on their SAN, Orchestrator automatically initiates a file format validation on the file to make sure it’s compliant and then locks the file’s permissions from further editing during transfer. The metadata is extracted, Aspera FASP transfers the content direct to Amazon Web Services (AWS), and the content is integrated with MediaSilo’s cloud-based video management and sharing platform via the MediaSilo plug-in. In addition, files are simultaneously loaded to Cantemo Portal media asset management (MAM) platform and the Vidispine media service backbone enable storage, management, and browsing of internal assets across their worldwide branch offices. The whole transfer process is monitored and managed from within Aspera’s Console web-application, also running on AWS. 

For wireless users, Aspera’s FASP-Air technology and mobile apps transfer large files over Wi- Fi and cellular networks at speeds that are significantly faster than traditional mobile transfer technologies. This enables users to abstain from “plugging-in” at the office and continue working as usual while transferring large file wirelessly. 

Today, Aspera serves as the backbone to the entire digital file-based workflow. It enables widely dispersed teams to collaborate effectively through fast file sharing, even for massive ultra high-definition video files that would otherwise be too difficult to transfer cross-continentally. Aspera helps 72andSunny’s creative teams to complete projects more efficiently, increase overall productivity, reduce the time-to-completion for projects, and collaborate worldwide. 


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