Aspera's Jay Migliaccio Receives The Patriot Award

The Patriot Award is Presented by the ESRG, a US Department of Defense Program, to Honor Employers for Their Support of Citizen Warriors

On Tuesday, August 30, 2016, Aspera’s Director of Cloud Platforms and Services, Jay Migliaccio, was honored with the Patriot Award, a prestigious award presented by the ESRG, a US Department of Defense Program established in 1972 to promote cooperation and understanding between Reserve Component Service members and their civilian employers.

“We’re here to promote a culture where employees are supported when they leave to perform their duties. This award reflects significantly on your company and the people here,” said Rob Peterson, retired US Navy Captain, who presented the award.

The Patriot Award reflects the efforts made to support citizen warriors through a wide-range of measures including flexible schedules, time off prior to and after deployment, caring for families, and granting leaves of absence if needed.

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