Aspera On Demand for IBM Cloud

Aspera on Demand (AOD) for IBM Cloud is designed to transfer, share and exchange large files and directories quickly and easily between sites and between individuals and teams leveraging IBM Cloud infrastructure. Unlike other file transfer and sharing solutions, Aspera overcomes the size and speed limitations to send files at the maximum speed, securely and reliably regardless of the file sizes, distance, or network conditions. Simply put, it is the fastest way to get big data into and out of IBM Cloud.

AOD for IBM Cloud comes in several distinct bundles representing the most common deployment and use patterns of Aspera Software:

  • High-speed upload and download to and from IBM Cloud using a native client application or a web browser
  • Storing, sharing and exchanging large files and directories 
  • Person-to-person delivery and exchange of large files and folders 

Additional add-on options include desktop clients such as Aspera Drive, Aspera Cargo and the Embedded Client, Mobile apps, and the Aspera Add-in for Microsoft Outlook.

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Server On Demand (SOD) is the basic package used for high-speed upload and download of large files and data sets to and from cloud storage. It includes the Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server, Aspera Console and a dedicated Desktop client.

  • Purchase your entitlement from Aspera


Application Platform On Demand (APOD) is a high-speed web-based transfer and digital delivery platform, typically embedded in other Software as a Service Offerings. The offering is based on Aspera Server On Demand, and adds a web-based directory listing and support for Aspera Connect for browser-based high-speed uploads and downloads.

  • Buy your entitlement from Aspera 


Faspex On Demand (FOD) is used for person-to-person high-speed delivery of large files and data sets in the form of digital packages. It is based on the Application Platform On Demand, and includes the Aspera Faspex web application.

Purchase options:

  • Buy your entitlement from Aspera


Shares On Demand is used for large file and directory sharing and collaboration. It is based on the Application Platform On Demand, and includes the Aspera Shares web application.

  • Buy your entitlement from Aspera


Console On Demand is used to manage large-scale Aspera deployments from a single, centralized web interface. It is based in Application Platform On Demand, and includes the Aspera Console web application.


Entitlements for AOD for IBM Cloud are purchased directly from Aspera. You will receive an AOD entitlement which can easily be applied to the instances of AOD software running within your IBM Cloud account. 

SummArY of Offerings

  • Server On Demand: High-Speed Transfer Server, Console and a dedicated transfer client
  • Faspex On Demand: High-Speed Transfer Server and Faspex web application
  • Shares On Demand: High-Speed Transfer Server, Shares web application and Console
  • Application Platform On Demand: High-Speed Transfer Server, Console, Connect browser (SDK sold separately)
  • Console On Demand: Console

SUPPORTED INfrastructure

  • IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers
  • IBM Cloud Virtual Machines
  • Object-based Swift storage
  • All IBM Cloud Global Datacenter locations

Licensing and deployment

Usage-based subscription service:

  • Data volume tiers ranging from as little as 100 GB up to 12 PB per year
  • Monthly, annual and multi-year terms available
  • Additional fees for optional add-ons

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A versatile server application which enables high-speed movement of files across global enterprises, high-volume content ingest and distribution, and replaces FTP/SFTP servers for transfers of large, business-critical data.


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